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Active Wellness - Activate The Wellness Studio

Activate is a Wellness Studio that empowers the practice of healthful living.

Activate empowers the pursuit of “The good life” through fitness, wellness and community. It is where unparalleled experience meets exquisite design and has been meticulously crafted to balance science, technology and the power of human support to optimize well-being.
Come along with us to build this groundbreaking retail wellness studio that speaks to health and longevity at any age.
Activate - The Wellness Studio


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The journey to improving healthspan and longevity is grounded in the latest science and supported through the best technology. Individual journeys and personalized plans start by collecting key biomarkers that help intentionally create the program design. Biomarkers are then regularly assessed and plans are adjusted to ensure progress is being made towards optimal health and life performance.
Activity programs are designed to improve healthspan and longevity through a focus on three foundational components; healthy metabolic function, maximal aerobic capacity, and functional strength. Integrated within the foundation is a focus on developing stability, mobility, and cognitive capacity.
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Nutrition plans are designed to prioritize improvements in body composition and metabolic biomarkers. Activate achieves these results by helping members meet individual nutritional needs through healthy and enjoyable food options, along with supplementation. Through a positive relationship with food members fuel the body and the mind for optimal performance.
To build on the foundation established through activity and nutrition plans, each personalized program include tools and services to improve physical capacity, enhance recovery, and provide relief from life’s stressors. Optimizing life performance and enjoyment requires the body and mind are provided ample opportunity to be restored.
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The pursuit of the Good Life is easier and more joyful when it happens through a connected community. We support individual purpose and help members thrive through opportunities to participate, play and achieve results together.


Activate serves workplace amenities, medical office buildings and active aging communities as both an amenity and as a lucrative retail profit center.
By offering premium wellness services and retail offerings, Activate enhances the overall appeal and value of your community, attracting discerning residents and generating sustained profitability.



For communities eyeing activation or differentiation, Activate offers the opportunity to tap into the demand of the fitness and wellness market.


A turnkey delivery of both fitness and wellness services. The benefits of Activate amplify a healthy lifestyle through individualized fitness and wellness plans.


Professionally managed offering operational excellence and the ability to deliver a profitable wellness studio model. The unique design requires only a small footprint with the opportunity to be customized to your community’s needs.


Delivering a personalized experience and the highest level of support provides a wellness anchor that can extend your reach into the community.

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