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Who is eligible for a free Active LIVE membership through BurnAlong?
Current members now receive Active LIVE at no extra cost to you. Plus, add up to 4 users free! Invite friends & family to join classes with you to help stay motivated.
How do I enroll in Active LIVE? 
Sign up for your free BurnAlong account at Once registered, download the BurnAlong app on the App Store or Google Play to join workouts on your mobile devices and tablets. You must register using the provided link to receive your free account and see Active LIVE content.


How do I add my 4 free users?
Invite your friends and family to join your Active LIVE membership through BurnAlong free of charge. Log into your account at, go to settings and scroll down to ‘add free user’. Add up to 4 users free.
Where do I find Active LIVE streaming classes?
Once registered, live streaming classes can be found on the BurnAlong website ( and app. If using the website, scroll toward the bottom of the page to view live classes.
I’m having trouble finding Active LIVE content on BurnAlong.
Members must register by using the link provided ( Once registered, download the BurnAlong app and sign in. If the link that was sent is not used to register, you will not see Active LIVE content.
I’ve signed up for the class, but now how do I view it?
All live streaming and on demand classes can be viewed on both the BurnAlong app and/or website.
How do I view a live streaming class?
Sign in to the BurnAlong app to view classes on your smartphone or tablet. Sign in to the BurnAlong website to view classes on a desktop or laptop computer. Scroll to the bottom of the web page to find the live streaming classes.
I’ve joined a class and I’m prompted to hang tight - now what?  
There may be a delay from the time you join until you see the class; even if you join the class after the start time. Please wait for roughly 1 minute or so for the live class to begin.


Can I join a class after it starts?
Yes, you can join a class at any time. Classes will also be recorded for you to view on demand. 


Can I take a class at a later day or time?
Yes! All classes will be recorded and published to view at a time that works best for you.


I’m prompted to select a membership plan and enter my credit card information when signing up for BurnAlong.
Members are not required to enter credit card information to activate their membership. Make sure you are using the provided link ( and the email address associated with your current membership account to register for BurnAlong. For additional support, contact