2023 Fitness + Wellness Trends Report

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Jan 12, 2023 8:00:00 AM

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It’s the start of a new year, better health is top of mind, and the wellness industry continues to evolve. Hello 2023! At Active Wellness, we’re energized by knowledge and have a constant pulse on the world of wellness. Below we share the latest emerging wellness trends to watch (and consider implementing) in the year ahead.  

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2023 Fitness Trends

walking, 2023 fitness trends

Walking for Wellness - Everywhere you look someone is preaching the mental and physical benefits of taking a walk — and they are right! Not only does it counteract the effects of weight-promoting genes, it boosts immune function, and has been reported that it reduces the risk of chronic disease. How is your programming tied to walking? Add a walking group or program to your member offering. Active has added walking tips and programs to their branded member app to inspire more steps! The TODAY Show just recently made a commitment to this 20-minute walking plan as a resolution in 2023. 

Gen Z fitness and wellness

Gen Z Programs - The COVID pandemic affected us all but uniquely affected Gen Z’s mental and physical well-being due to the lack of connection to support a sense of community and overall well-being. So how do help the next generation of fitness consumers? Create inclusive communities through fitness and wellness programs that support better mental health. Also, studies have shown that taking outdoor fitness classes encourages a more playful and positive experience. Check out this IHRSA article for even more insight.

nutrition, monj cooks active partner

Custom Tailored Nutrition - People care more than ever about improving your immune system and general health. Many learned quickly that along with exercise adding the right nutrients and solid food to our diet provides the best chance at doing so. We are seeing a rise in nutrition plans that are less ‘cookie cutter’ and more specific to each individual's precise needs. This might mean doing a health screen to learn what potential illness may be on the horizon or which nutrients your body may be missing to look and feel better. This information combined with the help of a trained nutritionist is the foundation to more success. Active has partnered with Monj Cooks as a nutrition resource for our partners and members. 

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Back to Strength Basics - Only 23% of American adults meet the leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) guidelines, according to new research data from the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics. This means 23% of people are better suited for a back-to-basics style workout than a heart-pounding workout for the advanced exerciser. People are looking for a form of exercise that they will actually look forward to. Keep it simple when building your programs for members, keeping the focus on form, results and fun.

recovery, Active's Re:store branded program, mobility training

Mobility Training + Recovery - More individuals seek to be pain-free. However, our society is more sedentary than ever. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to more injuries, muscle dysfunction, and PAIN! Improving your mobility can prevent injuries, reduce pain, and increase mental clarity. To support mobility and recovery, Active introduced Re:Store Lab which provides members the opportunity to work with personal recovery tools in a relaxing and guided environment. Re:Store includes recovery therapy, percussion devices, massage protocols, stretching techniques and more. 

2023 Wellness Trends

self-care, 2023 wellness trends, massage gun, recovery

Sustainable Self Care. Rather than booking a monthly massage, cupping, facial, etc, we are seeing a rise in self-care products that you can now purchase and use at home to make your self care routine more sustainable. There may be larger initial investment, but over time you have the opportunity to save. This includes things like at-home facial tools, quality products for body and face at your reach, massage guns and devices, cupping technology, red light therapy, acupressure mats, home saunas, cold baths and more. 

Some sustainable self-care products we love from our partners include:

Theraface - percussion, light, cold therapy and more, all for your face

Theracup - cupping technology to use at home

Smart Goggles - help sleep smarter with these cutting edge goggles

Hypervolt Go 2 - the perfect massage gun for those on the go

*If you are interested in purchasing any of these products please email yourcoach@activewellness.com.

fitness wearables, wellness wearables, wearables, 2023 trends

Wearables. Wearables are now beginning to track overall health - sleep, blood sugar, recovery, stress levels and more. Tie your member programming into wearable technology to keep your members engaged. The Active team has developed The ZONE, an athletic-inspired small group training program using Myzone heart-rate technology designed to maximize results as well as our app that syncs members’ workouts both inside and outside of the club and wearable technology effortlessly.

Active Wellness Center, community club, member engagement, wellness trends

Health Communities. People are recognizing the need for being a part of like-minded communities that care about what’s most important to them. Many of our members, like belonging to a community dedicated to building healthier and happier lifestyles. That’s why Active created Active Wellness Center, the first commercially branded, medically integrated wellness center chain in partnership with nationally recognized health systems, which will grow to better serve today's community health needs by taking a proactive, surround-sound approach to optimal well-being.

telemedicine, 2023 wellness trends

Telemedicine. More and more individuals are looking toward telemedicine. It was on the rise prior to COVID and is now gaining even more momentum. Note, most states also legally require private insurers to cover telehealth visits.

mental health, mental health support, 2023 wellness trends

Mental Health. Caring for your mental health is still a trend on the rise. With each passing year, the options for taking care of your mental space are becoming more and more robust. There has been a shift, just like exercise for your body, that mental health needs to be practiced and/or “exercised” daily. There are a variety of resources out there to help you practice and care for your mental health.


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