Be Your Best in 2022: 3 Simple Nutrition Tips

Posted by Brittany Waddle on Jan 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM

With the start of the new year, it is easy to set elaborate goals in hopes of finding a new personal best. But elaborate goals will likely lead to burn-out and not being met. We recommend simple, attainable habits and changes in order to meet your goals. Below are three simple strategies to help with your nutrition goals.

1. Aim for Sustainable Consistency -  Take time to brainstorm goals and define how they would improve your quality of life. Ask yourself: Is my goal truly necessary or beneficial? Next, present the “best-case scenario” versus what is actually realistic and sustainable to accomplish. For example, a 6-month diet leading up to summer may be on your list, but what does that include? What is your plan? Cutting out sugar? Then maybe a 7-day sugar detox or implementing more natural sugars like honey, fresh fruits, and stevia may be more sustainable. Working out daily? Perhaps a goal to find movement 7 days a week with a structured strength training or workout regime is more sustainable than adding in the gym daily after having little to no gym routine the past year. Assess where you have been previously, where you are at currently, and what can be added in with consistency. Health and fitness goals are met through gradual progression. Remember small steps lead to positive, sustainable results and change.

aim for consistency

2. “Crowd Out” the Junk - This is a game-changing strategy if you struggle to eat healthily. Instead of telling yourself to cut out “this” food and eliminate “that” food group, try allowing yourself to add-in more nutrient-dense foods. I recommend things like fresh-cut fruits, roasted vegetables, and high-quality proteins. Set weekly standards to implement these options and “crowd out” the not so nutritious foods. Here are a few ideas: 
>Cut up all fruit and place it in containers at the front of your fridge for a quick snack.
>Prep snack boxes complete with fruit, vegetables, healthy fat, and high-quality protein.
>Keep a freezer stocked with quick nutrient-packed options such as homemade protein oat balls, frozen vegetables, homemade yogurt/fruit popsicles, grilled chicken nuggets, or turkey burger patties.

crowd out the junk

3. Prep Smarter, Not Harder - In our house, dinner tonight is often lunch tomorrow. Can you double your protein and veggies in a recipe to create an effortless meal prep for the week or a freezer meal for the future? This simple step will save you so much time and empty calories in the long run! Another option is to bulk prep flavor-enhancing dips, dressing, or sauces. A side of red pepper hummus, herb pesto, chipotle avocado mayo, or balsamic vinaigrette can go a long way. If these meal additions are dairy and egg-free, they should last quite a while stored in the fridge or freezer to enhance the flavor of your upcoming meals and snacks. 

meal prep

Remember to implement attainable nutrition changes and you will find success. Give yourself some slack and know that not all days will be perfect. If you indulge in a treat or don’t meal-prep one day or week, don’t be hard on yourself. You can start fresh the next day and still find success! Cheers to living each day to the fullest, creating habits to make you happier and healthier, and to a prosperous and wonderful 2022! 

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IMG_0187 (1)Brittany Waddle is a Lifestyle Coordinator, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor in Austin, Texas. She is passionate about helping others develop positive health behaviors by teaching her clients how to fully nourish and functionally move their bodies. Brittany enjoys unplugged time with friends and family, outdoor activities, and cooking in her free time.