5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Fitness Center Equipment

Posted by Mike Rucker on Feb 22, 2016 1:38:00 PM

Selecting the right workout equipment to fill your fitness center is a daunting task. There's a large cost and time component and it is hard to make large changes once your facility is already open. There are a few factors you can keep in mind to help ensure you make a lasting decision that benefits your health and fitness center now and down the road. You must think about the overall cost of the equipment, the quality of the equipment, and the amount of pieces your club will require. You must also analyze the layout of your center, the variety of equipment, and consider the needs of your members. On top of it all, you must decide how the equipment will be delivered, how it will be installed at your facility, and how future maintenance needs will be addressed.

Cost vs. Quality vs. Quantity

Plan your fitness center layout and equipment list so that members aren't waiting in line.

One of the hardest parts of the procurement process is reviewing the product and deciding, whether you are sacrificing quality to obtain a good deal. Online reviews on the brand of machinery you are looking at will aid you in this process. You must also consider how many items you will need, so that your members are not waiting for certain pieces of equipment, while still budgeting for updated equipment to meet your members' desire for iPod docks, headphone jacks, or other modern amenities.

Layout and Variety

Keep your members engaged with a wide variety of equipment.

Before you purchase your new equipment, take a look at the layout of your fitness center. Keep in mind the space that needs to be filled. Do you have extra space for stretching mats and weight lifting, or is all of your space being occupied by cardio equipment? Variety is important when it comes to your fitness center design, not only to provide opportunities for well-balanced workouts, but to keep your members engaged.

Who Your Members Are

What you furnish your fitness center with heavily relies on who your members are. Do you have a large portion of your clientele that focuses primarily on strength training, or are there more marathon trainees in your area? Keep in mind the type of members you are targeting and tailor your purchases to them.

Delivery and Installation

You made a purchasing decision. Now how do you get it inside?

It is easy to forget about the factors that don't come into play until after the equipment has already been purchased. How will the equipment be installed in your fitness center? Most equipment companies will deliver the equipment for you at a price, but not all will handle the installation.

Future Maintenance Needs

Does the company you're buying from include a warranty? Your fitness center planning must include a decision on whether you hire a separate staff member to handle routine maintenance and repair, or you hire a 3rd party every time there is a malfunction. If this doesn't work for you, Active Wellness also offers a comprehensive solution for their clients to assist with the purchasing decision, delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

There is much to consider when purchasing equipment for your fitness center. Cost, quality, and quantity might be at the top of your list, but don't forget about the variety of equipment you need, along with delivery, installation, and maintenance after you have made the purchase. Keep these factors in mind to ensure your purchasing decisions are right for your fitness center.