5 Fitness Motivation Tips

Posted by Nestor Ramos on Oct 11, 2021 8:00:00 AM


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When it comes to staying active and motivated during the Fall season, the key is finding the one thing that works best for you. It may be different than what works for somebody else, and it may even be something different than what typically motivates you during other seasons of the year! I do find that each person has that one thing that will get them re-energized to work on their health and fitness. 

Below are five things that might be motivating factors for different individuals:

1) Start a new workout program - sometimes one can get stuck doing the same workout routine and the body adapts so that results start to plateau. Take a hint from the changing colors of the trees, and mix things up a bit!  Starting a new workout routine will challenge the body, putting it under what we consider “healthy” stress and giving you better results in your physical fitness and overall health. 

2) Join a fitness challenge.  Joining a challenge will keep you accountable and helps bring some excitement into a fitness journey. Plus, most challenges come with some sort of support, whether it is from a fitness professional, or others involved in the challenge. Sign up for a free challenge- whether virtually on a Facebook group, Myzone or another online channel, or IRL (in-real-life) by signing up for a local athletic event. 

3) Set up a goal and end date - it is important to set a reasonable goal with the proper time frame to make that goal attainable. Goals need to be defined, measurable and achievable! Set yourself up for success with specifics. Not specific goal: I will be in shape by the New Year. Better: I will work out 2-3 times a week for the month of October, or I will train and be able to run a 5K without stopping in six weeks. 

4) Train with friends - training with a buddy can lead to faster and better results. Even the most non-competitive person will try a little harder when working out alongside somebody else. Picking the right training buddy is important as you want someone who shares similar goals and someone that will motivate you. Ask a Personal Trainer for help getting started. We can also connect you with others reaching for similar goals!

5) Motivate yourself with a new outfit or a new pair of shoes - with the season changing and the weather getting cooler, a new training outfit that will keep you comfortable might also motivate you to work out. Treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes to get you up and running!


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Written by: Nestor Ramos, Assistant Fitness Manager at Synergy Health Club Napa (managed by Active Wellness).

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Nestor started working at Synergy Health Club as a service desk attendant but is now the Assistant Fitness Manager. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and has a degree in Exercise Science. He enjoys helping others work on their health and fitness to live a healthier lifestyle. Nestor lives actively by staying consistent at the club or staying active outdoors