5 Things We Loved From IHRSA 2016

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Apr 12, 2016 3:29:43 PM



The Active Wellness Team is settled back after a memorable and inspiring IHRSA 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida at IHRSA 2016. Below are a few of our favorite highlights:

Active Wellness continually shares education for all team members to help all of our team be better professionally and personally. Common learnings build culture and as a remote organization we are always striving to enhance our overall delivery and team skill sets through technology and other touch points.

1. Keynote Speaker Jay Baer

Jay Baer, IHRSA, IHRSA 2016, Active Wellness

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Keynote speaker Jay Baer presented Youtility: Smart Marketing is About Help, not Hype. Customer service is the new marketing. Unresponsiveness decreases advocacy. Addressing every comment and complaint in every channel, every time increases customer service and therefore member satisfaction and advocacy. Build helping people into the foundation of your marketing strategy, not hype.


2. Functional and Group Training Equipment

IHRSA, IHRSA 2016,  Functional Training, Active Wellness

Functional training equipment and experience-driven open space powers engaging revenue-based programming. allocating space in clubs for Creating interactive, cross-functional space in your fitness centers allows for group training to build camaraderie and community among members. It also allows members to use more of what’s available to them and serves as a feeder into other paid programs like personal training, spa services and other specialities.

ihrsa, ihrsa 2016, group fitness equipment

Traditional fitness equipment like treadmills are making their way into the group setting as well. Another trend to support strength in numbers. Group training and functional equipment is something we are seeing now from every major manufacturer including Technogym, Precor, Matrix, Power Plate, and many more.


3. Technology Continues to Evolve Rapidly


We all know that technology continues to evolve and this applies in all aspects of equipment and program delivery. We are seeing more open platforms and wearable devices that allow users to integrate multiple sources of data to track fitness results. Additional technology opportunities include the use of cardio display screens as marketing platforms for your club, digital signage versus paper and member kiosks.

4. Think Like a Champion presented by Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, IHRSA, IHRSA 2016, Active Wellness

Photo courtesy of todddurkinmastermind.com

Some of our team attended Todd Durkin’s presentation Think Like a Champion: The Road to World Class Leadership during IHRSA. The presentation was thought provoking, inspiring, and his message about the importance of impactful leadership and living life to the fullest really resonated with our team. Todd shared a wealth of information with us including insight on the importance of a mentor, his 10 Leadership Points, and his views on what makes the best leaders.

This wasn't our teams first opportunity to work with Todd. Active Wellness Personal Trainer, Jacob Fulton also attended a 3.5 day mentorship summit hosted by Durkin in San Diego. Learn more about some key takeaways from Todd HERE.

5. Connecting with Industry Colleagues & Our Team

IHRSA, IHRSA 2016, Team Active, Active Wellness

The Active Wellness Team at IHRSA 2016

Connecting with industry experts to share best practices and learn more about the latest trends remains one of our top highlights in attending the IHSRA Conference. We also enjoyed our time as Team Active. With representatives from across the country from California, Texas, Minneapolis, New York and Florida, we were able to connect and forge bonds that will outlast our careers.

IHRSA, IHRSA 2016, Active Wellness, Corporate Fitness

Team Active Wellness at IHRSA 2016.

We also have five of our employees speaking during the conference. Topics included Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Technology. As experts in corporate wellness and fitness management services, it was an honor for Active Wellness to present to our industry peers during IHRSA 2016.

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