6 Fitness Trends to Observe in 2017

Posted by Mark Penacerrada on Dec 12, 2016 4:30:25 PM


Earlier this month, Club Industry identified six key insights about fitness trends coming in 2017. We've summarized those insights on this post. Be sure to read Club Industry's full article for a deeper look at the fitness trends.

6. Disruptive Forces Have Changed the Industry

Active Wellness Fitness Trends for 2017

According to Club Industry, "the fitness industry has matured in recent years, bringing about changes... Average facility growth has outpaced average club membership growth, while the latter has outpaced average gross-domestic-product growth."


5. Old Business Models, New Looks


Club Industry indicates that in 2015, boutique style studios drew in 35% of all consumers and as a whole grew approx. 37% from the year prior while traditional commercial clubs saw only a fraction of that growth.


4. The Influence of Millennial Purchasing Behaviors

Millennials influence the Fitness Industry

According to Club Industry, Millennials wield real influence because of their purchasing behaviors. Data shows that boutique style studios are filled with millennials 10 years younger the the average industry mean.


3. The Industry's Demographic Divide

Demographic Divide still a factor in 2017.

According to Club Industry, the fitness industry as a whole still relies on specific demorgraphics "forgoing any real attempt to appeal to other socioeconomic groups. Minority groups are increasingly drawn toward niche clubs that appeal to their lifestyles."


2. Price and Value Are More Interconnected Than Ever

The Value A Consumer Gets is more important

Club Industry writes, "Price and value are not one in the same. Price has come to reflect a consumer's appraisal of a health/fitness facility's value proposition, according to the report. Importantly, many consumers continue to prefer low-cost commercial clubs."


1. Small-Group Training is Over Taking Personal Training


According to Club Industry there has been a decline in one-on-one personal training participartion and an increase in small-group training numbers. "The only catch: Group exercise typically pulls $20 less per session than personal training," which is something to consider when evaluating your programs.


Looking for additional trends in fitness?

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