ACE's 10 Fitness Trends to Watch in 2017

Posted by Mark Penacerrada on Dec 2, 2016 2:50:29 PM

Every year, the fitness industry sees trends both new and old return to the forefornt of popularity.  The American Council on Exercise this week released it's top selections for fitness trends in 2017. To read the full list with indepth commentary, visit the ACE website.

10. Social Media Promotion + Motivation

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Although social media isn't new in the fitness industry, ACE anticpates that more personal trainers will use these platforms as a tool to motivate clients in 2017. In addition, those with an established presence online will be able to futher monitize their exsisting brand by using their network of followers to promote fitness products.


9. New Vendors at Trade Shows

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There will be a major change in fitness equipment vendors at the fitness conferences in 2017 according to ACE. Some vendors will decrease their presence at trade shows due to various factors like new ownership, while others will grow their presence for the same reason.


8. The Growth of Large Brands and Small Boutiques

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According to ACE, large health club brands will expand to new markets, including international markets, while boutique studios will begin expanding from large cities to mid-sized and smaller markets. 


7. Wearable Devices + Financial Incentives

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ACE predicts that more companies will offer financial incentives for the use of wearables as a way to keep people measuring their physical activity. This can potentially lead to the decrease of health insurance costs for employers.


6. The Return of Machine-Based Circuit Training

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ACE predicts that in response to the steady population of "Baby Boomers" turning 65 everyday, companies will reintroduce machine-based circuit training, a popular alternative to circuit training with free wright, that found popularity in the 80's.


5. Physique Competitions
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Over the last few years, the popularity of "Physique" competitions have grown. This new category of bodybuilding was introduced in 2015. ACE predicts that in 2017 more individuals will be encouraged to train for competitions because the category targets more well-defined, lean bodies.


4. In-club Studios

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Group Firness Classes have always played an import role in club offerings. With the rise of boutique studios and specialized fitness experiences outside of the clubs, ACE sees more health club operators moving to create unique studio-type spaces for group fitness programs within their clubs.


3. The Growth of On-Demand and Online Workouts

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As technology becomes more affordable/accessable, there will be a growth of on-demand and online workouts lead by instructors on live feeds online.


2. Health Clubs Will Partner With Professional Sports Leagues

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According to ACE, we will see more health club companies align their products and services with popular professional sports leagues like the UFC. This trend will continue to grow in 2017.


1. Walking + Cycling

Global_Fitness_Challenges_Cover.pngThe number 1 trend that ACE predicts seeing in 2017 is an increase in alternative forms of transportation that rely on physical activity like walking or cycling. This is a result of more people (specifically millennials) living closer to their work place.

Our friends at ACE highlight deeper insight on each trend. You can read the original article here.


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