Finding Funding for Employee Programs

Posted by Michele Wong on Aug 16, 2016 12:21:21 PM
Active Wellness has been working with California employers to find alternative sources of funding for employee fitness & wellness programs and is expanding partnerships through assisting employers with developing programs that can be funded through their self-insured California State Disability Insurance (CA SDI) plans. A voluntary disability plan is a private short-term disability coverage plan that California employers may offer to their employees as a legal alternative to mandatory CA SDI. This alternate to the State plan is approved by the State Employment Development Department (EDD) to ensure funds are distributed appropriately to employees qualifying for short term disability. A unique feature of this plan and something many California employers are not aware of is that they can work with the EDD to redirect accrued disability plan funds to provide fitness & wellness programs for their employees participating in the voluntary plan.
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Active has been working with several employers to develop fitness & wellness programs approved by the EDD for funding though the use of the employee VDI plan and is providing the program structure and on-going reporting required to maintain compliance with the EDD on the use of these funds. Employers in other states may have similar opportunities to fund fitness & wellness programs and should look into their current disability plans and state regulations. The ability to fund programs in this manner has allowed our partners to maintain and grow their fitness & wellness programs regardless of internal budgets and in many cases without any prior internal funding for such programs.
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