Employees Step Up to the Challenge

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Aug 31, 2018 3:49:51 PM


The Situation:

One of our corporate fitness partners recently tasked us to run a steps challenge for over 5,000 employees nationwide. A steps challenge is something the Active team is very familiar with but this particular situation was unique because there was only five days to plan and five days to promote the challenge.

The Solution:

“We gave our Active Wellness team very little advance notice for this steps challenge and they did a great job getting it set up and rolled out in record time. I was very impressed!” - Electronic Corporate Partner, US Benefits Analyst 

Our team responded quickly to get the challenge off the ground and employees moving. Team Active connected with employees, sent emails, went outside the fitness center to recruit participants, and did everything they could to increase participation. And their hard work paid off, recruiting 348 employees to participate in the step challenge.

NXP Pic2

Employees teamed up with their work buddies to coordinate walking groups through the app’s message board and opted to host walking meetings versus meeting in the conference room.

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The Active app allowed employees to easily track steps and synced with a variety of wearable technologies.



6% total employee population participation

90,131,600 total steps

42,675 total miles

55% of participants completed the program

65% of participants reached 135,000 steps or half of the suggested step total

76% of participants logged activity throughout the challenge

100% partner satisfaction