For Health and Healthy Profits, Corporate Wellness Just Makes Sense

Posted by Michele Wong on May 23, 2016 6:18:51 PM

The health and wellness of employees has become a priority for many companies. Not only do solid corporate wellness programs improve the health and productivity of employees, but they also make a significant difference in the company's bottom line, cutting costs and improving workers' compensation and insurance issues.

How Wellness Programs Benefit Employees

Corporate wellness programs, first and foremost, are designed to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of your employees. Healthy employees are more productive, less stressed, and generally happier in their jobs. Many of the common elements of workplace wellness, such as help with smoking cessation, health risk assessments, and stress relief programs, are geared toward assisting employees as they give up unhealthy habits, lose weight, and alleviate workplace and general stress. Other optional elements of an effective corporate wellness program that can greatly improve the health of your employees include onsite fitness centers, personal trainers, and onsite cafeterias andnutrition programs.

Corporate Wellness, Active Wellness
Workplace wellness programs are designed to improve the complete health of employees, including nutrition, fitness and mental health.

Corporate wellness programs are designed to improve the health of the employees even when they are not at work, encouraging good behavior and healthy choices even when they are not on the job. Fostering good relationships between employees through fitness activities and other elements often extend into this off-time.

How Corporate Wellness Improves the Bottom Line

Investing in a corporate health and wellness program can improve your company's bottom line in several ways. Primarily, a well-rounded and effective corporate wellness program helps to improve the efficiency of your company's workers' compensation program, reducing the risk of injuries and improving costs associated with insurance and workers' claims.

Helping employees to get healthier by losing weight and improving their workplace habits leads to a significant reduction in workplace injuries, especially traumatic ones. This reduction is very important for businesses, leading directly to reduced premiums for insurance coverage and improved claims processing for injuries and losses that do occur.

Healthier employees also need less healthcare, an additional cost savings for your business. Corporate health significantly reduces the rate of chronic conditions that can severely complicate the treatment of traumatic injuries. Diabetes, cardiac issues obesity and arthritis all increase the incidence of injury and prolong the healing and rehabilitation process, resulting in higher medical costs. On-site fitness facilities and nutritional counseling reduce the severity of these illnesses, even eliminate them in some cases. Absenteeism is also reduced, both for illness and injury recovery.

Far from being a simple trend, corporate wellness is solidifying itself as a necessity for modern businesses. Reflecting the individuality of the company and its employees, corporate health and wellness supports and fosters the individual health of the employees, but it also has a profound effect on the finances and functions of the business itself. Embracing corporate wellness, and utilizing a corporate fitness management company like Active Wellness, puts your business on the path to healthy profits.

Corporate wellness programs translate physical and mental health fitness into cost savings for your business.

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