How to Incorporate New Health Trends into Your Fitness Center

Posted by Mike Rucker on Feb 29, 2016 1:45:00 PM

The fitness world is saturated with new trends in exercise, diet, and lifestyle. Whether to combat boredom from a repetitive regimen or take advantage of the latest scientific knowledge regarding fitness, people of all ages are seeking new ways to stay in shape. By keeping a fingerprint on trends relevant to your clientele, using technology, and monitoring feedback, you can ensure that your fitness center is involved with the trends that will increase your clients' engagement.

Stay Plugged In

The latest exercise trend may be popular today, but the fitness community is constantly evolving.

Those who were using P90X yesterday, are doing CrossFit today. Zumba and high-intensity interval training are popular now, but they might not be in a year or so. Ideas in the fitness community are constantly and quickly evolving. Subscribe to fitness blogs and follow the social media accounts of a few fitness coaches your clients find inspirational. Pay attention to other centers' course lists and community wellness programs. It is important to stay current so that you can capitalize on your clients' interest in new trends.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As you incorporate trending ideas into your fitness center, you must ensure your efforts are tailored to your current clientele. Depending on the location and focus of your fitness center, the appropriate programs may differ. Young professionals may be more interested in short, high-intensity workouts they can squeeze in before a long workday. Older retirees may be more interested in super-slow resistance training. Don't incorporate new classes or information simply because they are trending. It is imperative to tailor any new ideas to your members' needs.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be an effective tool when presenting new ideas to your clients.

Some might argue that technology itself is a fitness trend. While interest in wearables and specific fitness apps may rise and fall, technology as a whole is not going anywhere. It has become an integral part of most of your clients' lives and can be a valuable tool in your fitness center's strategy. Because the fitness world is constantly changing, you need to keep your clients informed of how you are incorporating current trends before public interest begins to wane. Inform your members about new fitness classes, nutrition tips, and any other popular content via an email list, a blog, or even your centers' smartphone app.

Stay Connected With Your Clients

While using technology to communicate the newest trends is an effective way to engage your clients, that interest will decline unless you know what they want from your fitness center. Closely monitor class engagement and ask your clients what programs they would like to learn more about. Stay in tune with what wellness plans are trending among your members through comment boxes or online surveys. They want to be engaged with fresh ideas as much as you want them to be engaged and this can be accomplished best through listening.

By incorporating the newest trends in your fitness center, you are creating an ever-evolving and thriving world of fitness that your members will consistently find engaging. Provide them with relevant and concisely presented content related to the constant influx of new wellness ideas to demonstrate your expertise and cement your role as their fitness partner.