How to Stay Professionally Motivated

Posted by Kiley Mutschler on Nov 22, 2021 10:22:40 AM

Fitness + Medical Wellness Center Professionals:

How to Stay Motivated 

As the holidays approach you may find it hard to stay motivated as a fitness and wellness professional. Our Regional Manager Kiley Mutschler shares what motivation is and how to create habits to stay motivated professionally. 


What is motivation...

Motivation is often used to describe “why a person does something”. Motivation can have an internal or external driver and is usually centered around a behavior, goal, or outcome.


It isn’t what you think...

Trying to wake up each day motivated? It’s likely not going to just happen overnight, even with a goal in mind. Studies have shown that it isn’t actually willpower that keeps you motivated. In fact, it has more to do with developing habits that limit opportunities for temptations to take place than having the willpower to resist behaviors that might derail your focus.


Instead of thinking about it as:



Think about it as:


By taking action and making a plan to work towards your goal, you allow yourself to begin to see progress and get results, hence leaving you motivated to stay consistent to the new routine. If we try it the other way around, we will end up feeling burnout and therefore unmotivated to keep working towards the outcome, which is why we often ‘fail’ at setting goals. 


Creating Habits...

Shift your mindset, believe that you can make changes to your routine that allow you to stay motivated. Here are some simple ways to help keep you motivated throughout the end of the year: 

  • Connect with a mentor. Relationships are so valuable to your overall success, sharing your goals and ambitions with someone who can support you is a great place to start. Mentors can help to keep you honest and accountable to yourself while also helping to guide your career and spark curiosity. 
  • Join a professional network and/or create a network within your organization. Search for opportunities to connect with others within the fitness and wellness industry, this could be through a monthly roundtable or peer group. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Start a network within your company, such a monthly book club for your management team. Being around a positive group of people has a direct impact on your overall success and happiness as well as your ability to stay motivated. 
  • Devote yourself to learning. If you remain committed to learning, you will begin to view things from a new perspective. Change your mindset to one of opportunity and instead of seeing meetings as an energy drain or waste of time, view them as a possibility to learn something new. Enroll in a continuing education course. Read. Invest in yourself. 

While we are coming to the close of another year, shift your focus towards the positive. Look at what opportunities lie ahead of you, where you can grow, develop and challenge yourself. Goals are great but it is truly through creating little habits, making purposeful choices, and finding a routine where we actually stay motivated to see those goals come to life.  


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Copy of KileyWritten by Regional Manager Kiley Mutschler 

Kiley oversees corporate and multi-tenant accounts across Texas, Arizona, and Canada. She has over 10 years of experience managing people at all levels; responsible for hiring, training, and building strong teams within the Active organization.