IHRSA 2021 Conference Highlights

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Nov 17, 2021 10:20:20 AM

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 9.38.58 AMThis year only a small group of Team Active attended the IHRSA 2021 Conference in Dallas, TX due to safety precautions. President + CEO Bill McBride, Chief Digital Officer Mike Rucker, and Director of Procurement + Design Justin Honas did attend and represented Team Active. McBride and Rucker presented on technology for business growth + profitability and McBride also participated in a live show recording of Talks + Takes.


IMG_1734 (1)

Rucker, Honas + McBride at the Hollman Connections Event that Active co-hosted.

Our main takeaways from this year's show included:

  1. Momentum is building for help for our industry, i.e., GYMS Act and PHIT Act. 
  2. In IHRSA's 40 year history they have welcomed their first female leader Liz Clark.
  3. At-home is not the threat we thought it was. The fitness and wellness industry is seeing successful hybrid models emerging
  4. Smart and Virtual training cardio equipment is making a big push such as CLMBR, Matrix VTC and Capti.
  5. Interactive and brain training equipment is here to stay. We're keeping our eye on A-Champs ROX and BlazePod.

More IHRSA Conference Highlights

20211013_111957Rucker presents at the IHRSA 2021 Conference on technology.

McBride presents at the IHRSA Global Think Tank.

Dr. Cooper shares How to Get Cooperized in the IHRSA 2021 Conference Keynote.

IHRSA 2021 Tradeshow

Rucker with MyZone's Mike Leveque at the IHRSA MyZone breakfast.

Active is proud to be a member of the IHRSA organization and contribute to its success.

As a fitness center management company and medical fitness center design business we are focused on staying abreast on health, wellness, medical, fitness, and technology trends, opportunities, and partnerships.
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