End of the Year Program Ideas for Your Fitness Center Members

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Sep 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

End of the Year Programming Ideas: Resiliency + Recovery


The end of the year is a great time to launch programming for members focused on mindfulness and self-care to help with the busy, stressful holiday season. Here are 7 program ideas from Team Active around resiliency, recovery, and self-care to engage your members.

  1. 21-Day Challenge - A virtual challenge focused on 21 days of daily “resilience”. This challenge builds upon ways to drive resilience in your life through daily journaling, mindfulness practices, and more!

  2. Reset Program - Create a body recovery program focused on resetting muscles through therapeutic movement, meditation, yoga, and other mindful practices.

  3. Yoga / Meditation Virtual Retreat - Build out a week-long virtual retreat that focuses on daily yoga and meditation practices for your fitness center members. 

  4. 10 Days of Mindfulness - For 10 days share mindful practices via email at the beginning of the day so participants can start their day off with gratitude, reflection, and mindfulness.

  5. Journaling + Gratefulness Challenge - Create a challenge focused on journaling with prompts and guidance encouraging others to journal to help their overall health and well-being.

  6. Goal Setting + Coaching Activities - Work with a certified health coach on your team or leverage a partnership with someone in nutrition. Create ways for your members to reflect and set goals for the upcoming new year.

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  7. Self-Care Challenge - Doesn’t this sound nice? Build out a 2-week self-care challenge focusing on a daily self-care task to help members take care of themselves and begin feeling great!

    End of the Year Program Ideas Recovery + Resiliency

Let Active handle the heavy lifting. We can deliver any of these engaging turn-key programs to your members or fitness community. See our quarterly program calendar here or contact us today at ourteam@activewellness.com to learn more.

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