Self-care as a Daily Ritual

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Feb 2, 2022 1:57:08 PM

4-Jan-31-2022-05-43-38-14-PMThe groundwork for all happiness is good health and loving yourself. We're kicking off this month with daily self-care tips. Try adding these daily tips to your routine to give yourself a little more self-love. 

Self-care is often used as a last effort when our bodies are already in overdrive, overworked and stressed to the max. May it be a massage, extra sleep, or even a binge night of TV. Yes, sometimes these things are necessary but will they sustain you? Or is it just a band-aid to help you feel better tomorrow?

What habits are you instilling into your daily life that can help you take care of yourself and recharge yourself to be the best version of yourself? Here are 14 daily tips to help you add self-care to your routine:

Tip #1 - Daily movement. If you can’t fit in an organized workout at the gym, either go for a walk, take an online class like one of our virtual classes from Active GO, or try a mini micro workout (7-10 minutes 1-3 times anytime throughout the day). 

Tip #2 - Drink water. Be intentional about your water consumption. Try to fill up 2 big water bottles and drink those by the end of the day. Or try drinking a few tall glasses of water before your morning coffee. If you think about it, you’ve just slept for 8 hours (hopefully) without drinking - that is the most time throughout your day you have gone without drinking water. So replenish!

Tip #3 - Eat nutritious foods regularly. Forgetting to eat is so passé! Be organized and eat nutritious foods regularly throughout the day. You can regulate your blood sugar by eating regular meals rather than forgetting or only eating 1 meal a day. 

Tip #4 - Spend time stretching and breathing. Stretch and nasal breath throughout your day. Even if it’s not an organized yoga session, just standing up every hour or so with some deep side bends as big breaths will help you be reenergized.

Tip #5 - Get ready for your day. This can look different to everyone, may it be getting dressed, showering, putting on a little make-up. Getting ready, organized, and prepared for your day will help you feel good about yourself and be ready to approach your day!

Tip #6 - Keep your space tidy. Doing a few small chores daily will help you to not feel overwhelmed when they all add up. Maybe that’s laundry during the week vs. all of it on the weekend, or unloading the dishwasher as the coffee brews in the morning. Make your bed, etc. Small tasks add up and help you feel organized and prepared for what’s ahead.  

Tip #7 - Engage your mind. Maintaining a healthy brain can improve health, and can help you to continue to evolve as a parent, partner, employee, and person. Read things that inspire and educate you, play word games, journal, etc. Things that keep your brain healthy and happy! 

Tip #8- Limit social media and phone time. Social media is great but so is putting down your phone. You’d be surprised how much more time you’d have if you limited your social media to small doses a day or even a week.

Tip #9 - Spend time with people. People need people! We always have and always will - take care of yourself by spending time with the people you love. Everyone is different - some need big groups or just that one BFF. Take time to reach out to them and connect.

Tip #10 - Get out of the house. With the shift for many to be working from home, it’s amazing how a short walk, an errand, a coffee, etc out of the house can re-energize you.

Tip #11 - Go to bed. Sleep is so important for so many different areas of your health - mental, immune support, emotional, physical, etc. Get lots of sleep and love every second of it!

Tip #12 - Laugh, smile, and have fun. Approaching life with joy is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. When we don’t take ourselves so seriously and learn to navigate our circumstances with grace and a little fun, attitudes and perspectives can shift to more positive energy in your life.

Tip #13 - Talk positive to yourself (and others). Now, more than ever, it’s important to learn to talk to yourself and others positively. Every day create positive affirmations that are going to help you feel your best. Positive self-talk takes practice but can help improve your daily outlook on life and others.

Tip #14 - Prepare ahead. Setting yourself up for success takes a little practice. Think about things you can do to prepare for what’s to come or the day ahead. Set out your clothes or running shoes for the next day, pack your lunch, and meal plan for the week ahead. Do the little things that will keep you feeling organized, in control, and happy each day!

Building good habits into your life around self-care can help you to feel in control of your health, and live each day to the fullest.

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