Wellness Trends to Enhance Your Tenant Experience

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Jun 21, 2022 10:25:46 PM

Wellness Trends to Enhance Your Tenant Experience

As more companies and employees return to the office, it’s important to keep health and wellness top of mind to prime the appeal of your property. Consider setting your tenant property apart with some of these trending wellness tools and programs.

  • Provide Recovery Tools
    Create opportunities for your tenants to restore their focus through recovery. Remember, they’ve probably had a unique schedule over the last few years, so allowing them time and space to focus will be really beneficial. Recovery products and spaces can help to improve blood flow, reduce soreness, eliminate toxins and increase flexibility, to name a few. Outfit the space with products and tools that help aid muscle recovery and promote restoration and relaxation for optimal mental health. Some of our favorite products include Hyperice, Normatec, Meditation App like Calm and massage chairs or Hydromassage.
    recovery tools for improved tenant amenity experience with Normatec Wellness trends and tenant amenity experience with meditation apps Wellness trends for tenant amenities with hydromassage
  • Create Flexible + Comfortable Work Spaces
    People are looking for a change in scenery throughout their workday. Allow employees to remain mobile by providing remote work stations, complete with power, ergonomic seating, and a good mix of collaborative set-ups and those that allow for more privacy where needed.
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  • Offer Virtual Programming
    Virtual programming is a great way to enhance your tenant experience. Give your tenants the ability to work out any time, anywhere. Live streaming and on-demand exercise classes are a great way to provide movement opportunities to your tenants even if you may not have a fitness facility onsite, or if an employee may be onsite only a few days a week, they never have to miss their favorite exercise class. Virtual programming is a great alternative for home exercisers or those not ready to be back in a gym again. You can also provide opportunities for tenants to engage in virtual challenges or even virtual training plans from a personal trainer or health coach.
    wellness programming trend of virtual programming  wellness trends, online health coaching, tenant amenity online yoga workout
  • Host Challenges & Events
    Create challenges and events that engage and encourage your community both onsite and virtually. A few of our most popular challenges include:
    • Steps or Movement Challenges - Virtual programming complimented by group walks onsite. You might consider a prize for participants that complete the challenge or a fun giveaway for participants to spark engagement.
    • Food and Nutrition Events - Pair online nutrition tracking complemented by onsite food trucks or cooking food demos on your property.
    • Wellness Events -  your community to attend an onsite wellness event. Support other local, health-minded businesses in your area and partner with them to provide tastings, demonstrations, assessments, and fun.
      outdoor fitness class, outdoor fitness event improve tenant amenity experience with events wellness trend, tenant amenity experience improved with events like a group walk or walking challenge

Tenants are looking for convenience above all so make sure your wellness programs or plans focus on getting people engaged, moving and feeling better. Happier, more engaged tenants will help strengthen asset value to your overall bottom line. 

Need help with engaging your tenants to live actively? For more than 30 years, Active has designed cutting-edge fitness facilities that attract and engage communities. We’re a premier partner for builders, property managers, corporations, and hospital systems throughout North America to offer industry-leading fitness amenities.

Some of our services include:

  • Full-Service Design + Procurement
  • Operational Readiness
  • Virtual Fitness Programs
  • Membership & Staff Management
  • Marketing Toolkit & Support


Contact us today to connect and learn more about Active Wellness. And if you are attending the BOMA 2022 Conference in Nashville, TN click here or stop by Booth 1029 to meet Team Active!


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