Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

Posted by Bill McBride on Apr 6, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Corporate wellness is becoming a major consideration for businesses of all sizes. Technology has afforded many in business the ability to work from home, as well as be accessible to business communications and information at all hours. That increased access places increasing demands on the time and health of employees, raising stress levels and heightening the individual risks of illness and injury both on and off the job.

corporate fitness, corporate wellness, team building
Businesses both large and small can all benefit from a corporate wellness program that is customized to suit their employees' needs.

Enter corporate health and wellness programs. More and more businesses are exploring employee wellness program ideas, looking for ways to decrease employee stress and improve the physical and psychological health of their employees. Ultimately, taking these steps helps businesses improve themselves by cutting costs and increasing employee productivity.

What is Corporate Wellness?

The best corporate wellness programs all have the same aim: to help your employees to live healthier by providing the education, training and support that they need to make healthier choices and live a more well-balanced life. The primary focus of many corporate wellness programs on the physical health of employees, including on-site personal training services, massage therapy, health assessments, advice on diet and nutrition, weight loss counseling, and group fitness activities.

meditation, corporate wellness, yoga
Massage therapy, yoga and meditation can all be part of a comprehensive employee wellness program.

Psychological health is equally important, and good quality corporate wellness programs will feature assistance for employees, including counseling and life coaching, as well as education in techniques such as meditation, hypnotherapy and other relaxation techniques that help reduce stress and improve mindfulness and emotional well-being.

Advantages of Investing in Corporate Wellness

Companies should invest in corporate wellness for a variety of reasons, most of them revolving around the welfare and performance of the employees themselves. One of the top reasons for investing in corporate wellness is that it directly correlates with a decrease in the rate of absenteeism among employees. Most absences are related to healthcare-related issues, so healthier employees take off less time from work.

Obviously, if employees are taking off less time for illnesses, and are also not attempting to work while ill and not in top form, than job performance is going to increase. Wellness programs in the workplace also promote physical fitness which improves the abilities of your employees to work more efficiently and consistently.

Corporate health and wellness programs are also a good investment for your business from a financial and team-building perspective. Healthier, more physically fit employees are less likely to seek employment elsewhere if their current employer has a sound health program for the employees. Also, a good wellness program in the workplace encourages employees to work together, strengthen their team ethic and building a natural support structure that will improve their performance on the job.

Corporate health and wellness also improve your business' financial outlook. Employees that are overstressed and unhealthy can become injured on the job far more easily than their healthy, fit counterparts. A decrease in the risk of injuries can lead to a decrease in insurance premiums. Health insurance is one of the most expensive benefits that a company has to offer, so any way that you can improve your risk by decreasing the likelihood that employees will need to use the insurance to any great extent. And in some cases, your business insurance company may well be able to reduce your policy costs if you have a good employee wellness program in place.

Starting Your Own Wellness Program

Investing in a wellness program for the workplace can be done independently, or with the guidance and supervision of a specialized company. Independent corporate wellness programs can be put together relatively easily, though the goal of meeting insurance company standards in order to get reduced rates may require a more structured program with specific criteria.

Do-it-yourself systems offer more structure, yet are fully customizable so that you can cover the areas of wellness that you require, designing the program to suit your individual employee needs while also meeting required standards.

group fitness, employee fitness, wellness programs
Managed corporate wellness programs provide the education, training and group activities needed to make your corporate wellness program successful.

Finally, you can utilize the assistance and continued guidance of an outside administrator to design and run your corporate wellness program. An experienced company, such as Active Wellness, can work in a variety of capacities, including assisting in generating employee wellness program ideas and designing a well-rounded program, implementing that program, and monitoring its effectiveness.

Having a corporate wellness program is a sound investment for your company. Whether you are running a small local business, or in charge of an international company, keeping your employees healthy and as stress-free as possible is the best way to keep corporate costs under control and ensure that your employees are happy, productive and strong. Implement the best corporate wellness programs for your business is the sure way to accomplish all of the above.

For more information about how Active Wellness can help you design and manage a corporate wellness program to suit your company's needs, please visit our website or contact us.

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