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Firefighters take on the responsibility of saving and protecting the community in emergency situations every day. Due to the demands of this profession, it’s vital that they are healthy to perform at the highest level of excellence each day. Main health concerns of the Fire Department include:

Musculoskeletal Disorders

    • 53% of all injuries reported by firefighters were musculoskeletal disorders (NFPA, 2016)
    • 44% of injuries result in lost work time

Cardiac Arrest

    • Cardiac arrest is higher for firefighters than in other professions
    • In 2016, 42% of deaths were caused by cardiac arrest (NFPA, 2016)



FireFlex Yoga delivers a functional-movement-based-yoga-program designed specifically for firefighters. Our customized programs help firefighters live the best life possible in the workplace and at home.

Functional Movement Screenings

  • Determines current level of movement and repetitive fitness testing
  • Programming is geared specifically to the results of testing
  • Firefighters receive a custom program to improve movement baselines and/or participate in FireFlex Yoga

Mind and Body Screenings

  • Determines current level of interoceptive body awareness
  • Indicates the impact of psychological stress on the mind and body 

FireFlex Yoga

  • An effective, affordable, easy-to-implement functional movement program specifically targeting firefighters’ needs
  • Includes best practices in yoga and other mind-body therapies with Functional Movement Screens
  • Classes work to strengthen proper functional movement and correct ingrained patterns of inefficient movement
  • Yoga practices also increase vagal tone which has been linked to lowering blood pressure and heart rate



Active Wellness has had the opportunity to deliver programming at four Fire Departments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Helping firefighters meet the physical and mental demands of the job safely, effectively, and routinely has always been the priority. Other benefits include:

  • 46% of firemen who have participated in our FireFlex Program increased their Functional Movement Screen scores by 3.25 points
  • An overall reduction in costs of workers’ compensation also occurred
  • Within 4 years, one location saw $2.52 million in savings due to the reduction in workers’ compensation claims

Learn how FireFlex and FlexYoga can support your fire department or municipalities team. 

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