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Meet Our Team

Shannon McQuaide



Shannon grew up in a fire family. Shannon is a successful entrepreneur, educator, functional and resiliency expert with 20+ years’ experience creating empowering instructional programs for corporations, public schools, community groups and first responders. FireFlex Yoga was developed in 2014 when Shannon McQuaide created a yoga program - specifically for firefighters - to complete her master's degree capstone project. The outstanding results inspired her to launch the program across the Bay Area. Now serving 20 fire departments, FireFlex delivers yoga classes to more than 1,000 first responders each year.  

In addition to yoga, Shannon also teaches Mindfulness Workshops to law enforcement and has more than 15 years experience leading professional development training programs.  She's published articles for the California State Firefighters’ Association, Fire Rescue Magazine, and has recently completed her first book, Yoga in the Fire House: A practical guide to better functional movement and resilience. PennWell publication is expected to release this book later this year (2020).  

Shannon is a certified functional movement trainer, has completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga training, and she has a master's degree in leadership and psychology.  She has certified over 65 yoga teachers in the FireFlex methodology.



Carol Day


Carol Day is a 200 hour certified Yoga Works instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a YMCA Certified Exercise Instructor and has been delivering FireFlex Yoga classes and trainings for 6 years. Carol moved to the USA 20 years ago, where she started teaching for the YMCA. A keen exercise enthusiast, Carol has been working within the health and fitness community for 30 years and teaching yoga for 18 years. Carol’s training and specialties include teaching FireFlex Yoga, trauma sensitive yoga, pre and post-natal yoga and teaching yoga and exercise to cancer survivors through Stanford University.



Amanda Newhall


In 2017 I was sent to a First Responder Resiliency Retreat by my Chief in order to bring back wellness tools for my fellow firefighters. It was there that I met Tod & Lisa of Soul Yoga and discovered FireFlex yoga. I was hooked. As soon as I was back at work, Healdsburg Fire Department signed a contract with FireFlex yoga to teach us in the station and inspired me to complete a 200 hour Baptiste inspired registered yoga trainer (RYT) instructor course.

I have a background in Sociology with a BA from Sonoma State University and a passion for health and wellness. I specialize in vinyasa power yoga, but love teaching to a diverse community.

When not at work, I can be found hiking with my 2 Boston terriers or exploring the world with my better half, Chris



Anja Eckert


Anja Eckert, a German native, had her first Yoga experience in 2001 and fell in love right away.   

Even though she loved the practice and the way it made her feel, she did not aspire to be a teacher.  It was only happenstance that she found herself in Yoga teacher training that let her fall in love all over again not just with the practice and philosophy but now also with teaching and sharing it with others.  She completed her 500 hr teacher training with YogaWorks.

With Anja’s strong focus on breath and alignment, she continues to study with different teachers and philosophies to bring a deeper awareness to the students.  For her it’s all about the inner experience and being in the moment.  She is known for being inviting and welcoming of students of all levels with her compassionate and calming style and clear communication. 

In line with her conviction that if everyone practiced Yoga, this world would be a much better place, she is very passionate about bringing Yoga to people. 

Anja who is known for her love of green tea and dark chocolate (best if enjoyed together) lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and is the proud mother of two adolescent sons.



Charlie Harrison


Charlie is trained in a Vinyasa style based on Forrest yoga principals. She teaches yoga to people with PTSD, TBI, and with a focus on trauma informed techniques. 

Charlie loves her yoga practice and teaching yoga. When she began practicing she found many barriers to sustaining her practice. In her teaching now she strives to help remove barriers and make yoga accessible for people that don't typically think of themselves as yogis. Finding variations and being open to the moment are key to how she teaches. Part of her job as a yoga teacher is to help students find a way into the pose so that they can begin to experience the benefits of bigger breaths, stronger muscles, steady balance and the shared community that arises from coming to a yoga practice.

Charlie has completed the following trainings:

Mindful Resilience Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 and the Advanced Training, FireFlex Yoga for First Responders, Accessible Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga for People with Disabilities and Chronic Illness

In 2020 she completed my 500 hour certification through Yogaworks.



Devann Sheuerman


Devann Sheuerman is a yoga and meditation teacher based in San Jose who loves to teach whether in the studio, at special events or in the Fire Stations leading Firefighters. Her passion is to help others find their inner peace and purpose by promoting mindfulness of spirit and body. Her classes are filled with a variety of tools to help students attain this enjoyably and effectively. She loves to instruct all ages from grade school to elderly and everyone in between including prenatal/postnatal students. Whether you need to calm your nerves from wedding planning, a stressful job or just need to regularly tune-in to yourself, Devann would love to help! 



Kelly Parker


Kelly is a San Francisco Bay Area yoga teacher and a retired police officer. After experiencing the benefits of yoga in her own life, her passion became teaching yoga and mindfulness to first responders. First responders often experience an extreme amount of physical and psychological stress while protecting and serving others. In her classes, she focuses on practices to increase resilience, process stress, reduce injury, and improve mobility and sleep quality.  It is her mission to help first responders live healthier lives, on and off duty.

Her trainings and certifications include: 200hr RYT, currently working towards a yoga therapy certification

FireFlex Yoga, Veterans Yoga Project, Accessible Yoga, Yoga for Disabilities, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

She has been teaching first responders and veterans in the Bay Area since 2016.



Kelsey White


Kelsey's journey with yoga has been a long and deep practice. She first came to the mat in high school, giggling her way through classes at the local gym. It wasn't until college that she truly discovered just how profound of a practice it was. After spending 3 years in Rome, Italy, Kelsey found herself in Boulder, Colorado attending Naropa University. She graduated with a degree in Traditional Eastern Arts: focus in Yogic Studies. Along with that, she went through two years of intense training earning over 1000 hours and her 500hr yoga alliance certification. She still looks to grow within her practice and teachings every day. She is so happy to be a part of this community and to be able to use her teaching to empower the bodies and minds of first responders. 



Michele Klink-1


Based in Marin County and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michele Klink is a long-time experienced Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 500+ Yoga Alliance) with over 20 years of teaching experience. Michele specializes in Yoga Therapeutics and helps First Responders recover, renew and rehab bodies and minds.  Her classes incorporate Therapeutic Yoga practice geared toward stress and injury management. She focuses on breath, functional movement, corrective exercise and therapeutic alignment, therapy ball myofascial release, trauma support and positive psychology. Michele is an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).  



Renee Allen


Renee teaches yoga with the hope that each person in class will get a chance to pause for a bit and give their minds and bodies a chance to settle, relax, and restore. Renee participated in yoga for over 15 years before taking her first Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in 2014. Some of her early influences were Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, and Steve Ross. Renee has completed Yin Yoga Trainings with both Paul Grilley and Travis Eliot, Teen Yoga Training with Erin Lila Wilson, Experiential Anatomy and Teaching Yoga trainings with Judith Lasater, and Fireflex Yoga Teacher Training with Shannon McQuaide and Carol Day. Renee has a 500-Hour YTT certificate with Mark Stephens and has been teaching yoga in fire stations, gyms, and yoga studios throughout Santa Cruz County for the past 6 years. Renee became a Fireflex Yoga Teacher in 2017 and absolutely loves teaching firefighters. 



Robin Jaffee


Robin is a 500 hour certified yoga instructor trained in vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga. Her preferred styles of teaching are practices that help down-regulate the nervous system through breathing and meditative practices. She also teaches a slow flow type practice that adapts to the needs of her participants and encourages modifications and variations for all body types. Yoga is a practice for all, not just the flexible but the willing.





Roxie is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and kids yoga teacher trainer. As a child she enjoyed gymnastics and is a long-time lover of multiple dance styles. She brings years of experience concerning body awareness blending insights across sports psychology, movement genres, and yoga philosophy. She is particularly interested in teaching in refugee camps around the world and sharing her passion for yoga & movement, mindfulness, and meditation with differently-abled bodies both young and wise. Roxie is also knowledgeable in applying trauma-informed approaches to her teaching style. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative & fusion yoga classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.