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Functional Movement + Yoga Workshop for First Responders

Workshop Invite
FireFlex Yoga Founder & Director - Shannon McQuaide

The objective of our program is to prepare fire service personnel to deliver these impactful mind-body classes to their fellow staff members. The 3-day program will cover background knowledge of the essential movement patterns that support increased strength and resilience for firefighters to use every day on the job. Attendees will also learn how to teach tactical breathing exercises to de-escalate stress and anxiety, increased situational awareness, and promote better sleep.

Attendees will learn how to:
  • Deliver functional-movement-based yoga classes 

  • Make intelligent adjustments to set movement sequences

  • Utilize tactical breathing exercises to de-escalate stress and anxiety

  • Incorporate mindfulness strategies to improve internal and external situational awareness


  • One fitness mat per participant 
  • One fitness block per person (optional) + One 10-foot strap per person (optional)