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By: FireFlex Yoga Founder, Shannon McQuaide

The Conscious Warrior: Yoga for Firefighters & First Responders  is the true story of a firefighter’s daughter who followed her own path only to return full circle to the firehouse to fulfill an important mission: to create and deliver FireFlex Yoga to first responders in a manner that supports warrior culture. Shannon makes a compelling case for why first responders need yoga and she invites warrior culture leaders to consider the ROI of integrating FireFlex as a measurable wellness initiative across agencies.


“Providing our nation’s heroes with innovative wellness support is precisely what FireFlex Yoga is committed to achieving on a large scale, to support and equip as many first responders as possible with tools and resources to improve their lives and strengthen their wellness. Because the trauma of the job is foreseeable and the risks are known, these are predictable outcomes. Therefore, we must be relentlessly proactive in providing the most innovative and high-quality wellness tools, resources, and programs for firefighters.”  Foreword by Lexipol’s Dr. David Black.

The book includes scientific data to support the urgent call for agencies to invest in wellness programs like FireFlex Yoga. It also includes step-by-step instructions for first responders to learn firefighter-friendly yoga postures and breathing techniques that are proven to mitigate injury, reduce stress, and encourage more restful sleep. 

“We can’t expect first responders to see the level of human tragedy and violence day in and day out without some long-term consequences. They need a framework to process their experiences, one that is tangible and not solely based on faith or a particular belief system. They need a framework that is tactical, visceral, and scientific. This is why yoga belongs in the firehouse.” (The Conscious Warrior, page 73)

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