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Curated healthy lifestyle content to supplement your social strategy.

The Active Marketing Team will provide you with the tools and resources you need to leverage our original content, and support your local generated content. Start seeing results from your social media marketing efforts including increased engagement and reach, more reactions to your content and new followers.
How It Works
1. Enroll to receive our customized social media content on a monthly or 3-month plan.
2. We'll send you a copy outline including hashtags and creative images to simply upload and post to your social channels following our recommended schedule. 
3. Watch your engagement and audience grow!
Upgrade to our full-service management for just $50 more a month and we'll post your content and management responses. Consider this your built-in social media manager for a fraction of the cost!


*Local, timely content should be included in your strategy. This package is to complement your existing content strategy.

We’ll support your social media strategy with our Social Media Package, which includes:
  • A 3-month social media plan with ready-to-implement creative and messaging (November - January)
  • A detailed content calendar with campaigns and frequency 
  • Motivational and inspirational quotes
  • Recipes & health tips
  • Social and national holiday content


Content Calendar
 $250/month ($200/month with a 3-month commitment) 
Monitoring and posting to your branded social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) by the Active Marketing Department


The Active Marketing team is an industry-leading marketing team with proven strategies to engage.

Our Creative Services include website development, environmental design,

email marketing and marketing strategy.

Contact us today to learn more.