6 Marketing Tips for Your Black Friday + Holiday Promotions

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Oct 23, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Just like everything else this year, Black Friday and holiday shopping is looking a little different. As expected online shopping will be bigger than ever since many retail shops remain closed and customers are hesitant to shop in person with the pandemic looming. 


The Active Marketing team has had our eyes on trends and predictions for this year's holiday shopping and we’ve done the legwork for you. Below are our top recommendations that we’ve incorporated into our marketing plans for the remainder of the year. 

  1. Tease it out. Even before the deals start, let your members know to be on the lookout for special offers. We suggest being clear and telling them the date and type of offer - discount on a program or retail item for example. Your goal is to get their attention so they will tune in during the sale to shop.
  2. Encourage the gift of health. After a stressful year our health is on the forefront of everyone’s minds this holiday season. Incorporate self-care messaging into your offerings and encourage your followers to share with others; there’s never been a better time to give the gift of health! 
  3. No flash sales. Black Friday is longer reserved for the day after Thanksgiving. Offer longer-term deals, like weekly or even a 10-day or month-long promotion.
  4. Think digital storefront. Make sure your offer landing pages offer clear information on the deals with minimal clicks needed to complete a purchase. If digital spend is available, consider an ‘abandoned cart’ campaign available through platforms like AdRoll, for less than $1/email.* Including a ticker and countdown with the quantity on hand is a great way to create urgency. 
  5. Create an easy user experience with the checkout process. More important than ever is an easy, convenient shopping experience online. 
  6. Take it to social media. Share your offers on social - create videos and encourage your advocates to tell others about the sale.

Not sure where to start? Let us do the heavy lifting! Active Wellness offers opt-in holiday membership and sales promotional campaigns that can be fully customized for your site. Contact us today to learn more.


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