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Active Wellness Medical Integration
As The Healthy Life Company® and being partially owned by Providence, medical integration is weaved into everything we do. We know how to partner with medical systems and providers to help inspire and build a healthier world. And it starts with our suite of medical offerings based on a communities needs.
Active Wellness Center - AW Medical Integration

Active Wellness Center 

Active Wellness is forging new ground with the introduction of the first commercially branded, wellness center chain, Active Wellness Center. 
Active Wellness Centers attracts members of all ages and skills from athletes to chronic conditions. With a larger audience reach, we engage more of the community and create a stronger health impact, setting you apart from the competition.


Active Wellness Center Features:

  • 40-60k sp. ft of Fitness + Wellness
  • Indoor + Outdoor Aquatics
  • Spacious Locker Rooms
  • Treatment Rooms + Saunas, Steam 
  • Gender Neutral access + Family Locker Rooms Boutique Quality Studios 
  • State of the Art Fitness Equipment
  • Re:Store, ZONE, and Activate


Activate is a personal fitness studio that works together with healthcare systems and active aging communities to deliver members optimal health no matter their unique fitness level, conditions or goals. 
Through one-on-one lifestyle change support and the latest smart fitness training technology, Activate provides:
  • Customized exercise and recovery plans 
  • Access to our EGYM Smart Equipment
  • Nutrition coaching and education 
  • Regular biometric and health checks to ensure members are making progress towards your goals