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FireFlex is a wellness program for first responders to mitigate on-the-job injury with increased strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

  • Data-driven, measurable yoga program designed to specifically correlate to physical & mental demands for first responders
  • 10-week Academy includes pre- and post-assessments; demonstrates results & return on investment
  • Nearly 80% achieve increase in Functional Movement Scores; participants describe decrease in chronic & acute stress
  • In 2019, 1,000+ first responders participated in FireFlex classes delivered at Fire Stations

Deliver FireFlex to Your Department

10-Week Academy  |  In-Service Workshops  |  Online Academy  |  Train the Trainer



FireFlex 10-Week Academy

Delivered at Fire Stations with before-and-after assessments. Class series is customized based on pre-screen data while the post-screen assessment determines net increase in wellness.



In-Service Workshops

Interactive or lecture format, topics include: Benefits of Mindfulness, Yoga in the Fire Station, Mindful Policing, Injury Reduction & Functional Movement



Online Academy

The FireFlex Yoga virtual video library is designed to deliver the same great benefits as our in-person classes, but accessed from any smart device.



Train the Trainer

Departments invest in their trainers to bring FireFlex back to the station. Trainers will learn complete class series and return with a step-by-step manual. Yoga training is not required; ongoing support is included.

FireFlex Yoga (updated 11.20)

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Thank you to Fire Chiefs across 19 departments who incorporate FireFlex in their health & wellness strategy.

We've been teaching at Santa Cruz and Southern Marin since 2016 and San Jose since 2014.



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