2020 Fitness & Wellness Trends from Team Active

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Feb 13, 2020 11:58:33 AM

Check out Team Active’s health and wellness faves we’re keeping our eye on for major growth in 2020. 

Recovery for Longevity
- Consumer mindsets are shifting from just physical fitness to overall wellness not only physically but also mentally, spiritually and socially. There is a much more balanced approach taking into account how each of these connected pillars are relative to another. We’re happy to see more time being dedicated to recovery, allowing the body to restore and replenish through balanced training and rest days, choosing better sleep for improved performance, stretching to increase functional mobility and a wide variety of tools to help improve longevity. One of our favorite partners, Hyperice, has some great products like their Vyper, Hypervolt Hypershpere and Venom Back to help.



Plant-Based and Fasting for Health - The importance of good nutrition is still at the forefront of health, but plant-based eating and fasting are gaining popularity. Both may help improve heart health through improving blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar control, as well as reducing your risk of cognitive decline. Our partners at ProlonⓇ are trying to raise awareness of both through their fully plant based 5-Day Fasting Mimicking DietⓇ to help enhance performance, lose weight, enhance cellular renewal and improve metabolic health.



Inspired Spaces - We’re collaborating with various partners like Ryan Companies to create one-of-a-kind wellness experiences that accommodate how we live. Dedicated areas for social engagement, shared workspace, grab n’ go cafes, quiet meditation rooms and high octane fitness studios make up the mix of creating engaging experiences that fit our lifestyles. Effective fitness centers are no longer simply about the fitness equipment. It is the experience that will make or break a space, and design is a large piece of that puzzle. Some of our favorite aspects to consider and those we see becoming even more popular in 2020 include wall, window and flooring graphics, lighting, functional furniture, proper mix of high technology and no technology equipment, and video walls or digital screens.

Diversity + Integration - There are 77 million people over the age of 60 and many are focused on wanting to live actively. Active continues to support our ageing populations through our medical fitness programs and healthcare partnerships with Providence and are also focused on programs that cater to specific niches such as parents, pre/postnatal, performance training for athletes and outstanding childcare and camp programs. 

Privacy - Consumer protection will be front and center as California leads the way with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). It is widely speculated that other states will soon create laws that follow similar CCPA guidelines. It is reported that ten other states already have similar legislation in the works. These laws will give power back to the consumer about how and when their data can be used.

User Experience - Innovation will continue to reduce the friction between the consumer and the wellness provider through integrated technologies that give individuals greater autonomy and choice in how they engage. We will also continue to see adaptive applications that help users along their personal journey with tailored experiences driven through improvements in AI and machine learning.

CBD Oil - CBD products are a hot item on the market with benefits said to help recovery, inflammation and muscle soreness, as well as reduce anxiety and depression - just to name a few! When looking to purchase CBD products we recommend making sure that it’s certified, full-spectrum and 3rd party lab tested. As with any health products for topical or internal use, make sure you know what ingredients are in your product. 


Body Acceptance - We’ve always taken on the approach to be your best self through exercise, fitness and wellness and accepting you for you. It’s refreshing to see more mainstream acceptance of body images for both women and men. 


Social Determinants of Health - The influence environmental factors have on our well-being has taken center stage. Ranging from easy access to recreation to the conditions of one’s work environment, ensuring we promote opportunities for everyone to have unrestricted access to optimal well-being will continue to be a top priority for all providers of health-related services.

What is sparking your interest in the health and wellness space so far this year? Team Active is keeping a pulse on trends in our space and we believe this list will evolve over the year. Stay tuned for more trends to watch in 2020!