Active Wellness Team Member, Susan Webster featured by the ABCF

Posted by Jessica Isle on May 10, 2016 5:02:16 PM
Active Wellness, American Breast Cancer Foundation

Susan Webster
, an Active Wellness team member, was featured by the American Breast Cancer Foundation as their Medical Fitness Network Member of the Week. Susan is a group fitness instructor at Tri-City Wellness Center and the founder of Pacific Cancer Fitness.
Active Wellness, Susan Webster
Susan became a Cancer Exercise Trainer to help make the journey through cancer treatment less frightening for those with a cancer diagnosis. Susan knows that cancer treatment is harsh and results in difficult health challenges. She believes exercise resolves and improves many of the complications of treatment, such as weight gain, limited range of motion, fatigue, and loss of balance. Susan offers exercise, education and support classes each week that provide an integrated approach to fitness and cancer survivorship. Her classes use group exercise, gentle yoga and personal training to help improve the physical energy and strength of our clients. Susan structures her classes around each clients needs and goals.
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Susan works with a very wide range of clients including those going through cancer treatment, recovery, and remission.

Active is a proud partner of the Medical Fitness Network at our medical fitness centers, Tri-City Wellness Center and Synergy Medical Fitness Center. The Medical Fitness Network (MFN), is a non-profit organization placing patients with medical-based needs together with fitness and wellness experts and trainers.

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