Active’s Top 7 Fitness + Wellness Programming Trends for 2021

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Jan 26, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The events of 2020 certainly shifted the fitness and wellness space, as our industry adapted to support ever-changing consumer needs. As we kick off 2021, the Active Wellness team put together our top seven fitness and wellness programming trends.

  1. Virtual Fitness Support - 2020 is the year that puts Virtual Group Exercise & Personal Training on the map. If you’re not offering virtual programming you are limiting your business. We know there are people who are looking for at home solutions that aren’t ready to come back to the gym.
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  2. Shorter Workouts + Classes (Aim for 20-30 minutes) - As people try to juggle new routines, habits, and schedules with remote working or even hybrid work and school schedules, we are finding that most only have 20-30 minutes to dedicate to their fitness routine. Make sure to provide shorter virtual classes to ensure engagement and participation. 
  3. Minimal Equipment Workouts -People are choosing at -home workouts that require limited or no equipment. To increase engagement we recommend offering workouts that utilize bodyweight only, regular household items or better yet –classes or training that require no equipment. For example, cardio kickboxing, yoga, or dance.DD 1.5
  4. Outdoor Workouts - We've learned to leverage outdoor spaces on our properties in 2020 and perfected them for year round training. Read more about Outdoor FitnessClasses: Best Practices from Team Active here.Untitled design (1)
  5. Immunity Supporting Supplements + Probiotics for Gut Health - Your immune system resides in your gut. Probiotics, besides aiding in digestion and helping to balance an unhealthy gut flora, have been shown to lower the severity and duration of respiratory tract infections. We are finding that there is a demand in our gyms to offer online and retail options for gut health now more than ever before.
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6. Increased Focus on Recovery - This past year, we’ve seen health become so much more than just an hour of exercise. We are seeing the need to focus on sleep, muscle recovery, stress management, meditation and mindfulness, stretching, eating better and so much more to help maintain optimal health. Think about implementing products like Hyperice and programs that can help optimize your members' health journey like Wind Down Evening Yoga Practice.

7. Well-being Programming including Life Coaching + Mental Health - We are continuing to focus on mindfulness, meditation, self-care and mental health through regular coaching and accountability. We are seeing the need for members' to have a dedicated coach to help them reframe their thoughts, actions and behaviors in order to help them thrive in today’s world.

Another key item to note is the importance of community and connection. 2020 was the year of isolation and people are craving connection with others. As a gym owner, medical fitness and/or fitness provider, you have the opportunity to create a community within your four walls, inside or outside, and online.

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Active's Director of Wellness, Karah Ehrhardt, has been with the organization since its inception and has been a part of the greater fitness industry for 15 years now. She is passionate about meeting individuals where they are by providing our sites and members with the tools, resources and products that help support their health and wellness journey. Karah is staying safe at home with her loved ones spending time chasing around her toddler and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen!