Daily Procedures Cultivate Success for Fitness & Wellness Programs

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Aug 26, 2019 9:40:46 AM


For a fitness center to operate efficiently and profitably in our 24/7 business while maintaining 17+ hour days, it is imperative to have your facility’s daily procedures dialed in and well documented for front line and management staff to follow. These procedures can make or break a site’s ability to retain current members, and remember, it costs less to retain a member than it does to replace them.
When the Active Wellness operations team analyzes a facility’s daily procedures, we organize our assessment in three sections: Opening, Midday, and Closing. And we’ve found the best way to tackle challenges is to approach procedures in this order:

1. Closing: We start with the end of the day because the success of your next business day starts with great closing procedures. Two hours prior to closing the facility, staff are to begin perimeter walk throughs to reorganize equipment after the evening rush and to engage with late-evening users. Begin replenishing all consumable goods and locker room amenities including soaps, shampoos, and paper products. By completing these tasks before closing, the post-close custodial staff will be able to focus strictly on deep cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

2. Opening: Starting with a clean slate sets the tone for your opening staff. You can schedule their shift 30 minutes prior to opening, and start with performing a detailed walk through to ensure all is in perfect order. Next, boot up the operating systems including the member management software. Always have the systems manuals and emergency protocols available at the front desk. Once the facility opens, allow your Service Desk Team to settle in and provide that stellar customer service they were hired for.

3. Midday: Throughout the day, it is essential to monitor your facility’s user patterns and to schedule midday cleaning at lower traffic times to minimize disruption. Safety walkthroughs are performed regularly throughout the day to check pools, showers, studios, and stretching areas to ensure the wellbeing of all members. It’s a great idea to implement cleaning rallies several times throughout the month: this is when all staff walk the fitness floor, locker rooms, pool deck, etc. to engage with members while reorganizing and sprucing up the facility. This shows your members that it’s a daily team effort.

Time and again, we’ve seen these consistent efforts positively impact a facility’s net promoter score and member retention rates. To learn more about Team Active’s operational assessments and ongoing support, please contact our team today!