Connecting with Friends

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Mar 26, 2020 6:30:00 AM

IMG_4744If happy hours, dinners out, sports and group activities with friends, made up your social life before social distancing became our new norm, then you might be feeling disconnected, lonely and quite frankly bored. Distance doesn’t have to mean disconnect. We came up with a list of ways to keep the good times rolling.

  • Schedule video call dates. Make it a daily happy hour call at 6pm. FaceTime allows up to 32 people. Why not have a party! Others are using Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom.
  • Start a virtual book club. Enlist your friends, select a book and invite them to join you for a virtual discussion to review the book.
  • Game apps. Keep your memory sharp, test your knowledge, challenge a friend. Many are free and downloadable on the app stores. Words with Friends and Evil Apples are a few of our faves.
  • Sync up your workouts. Follow a daily workout program together and checking in with each other to keep motivated and accountable.
  • Host a movie night. Hit play at the exact same time and text commentary throughout.
  • And for those of us who still appreciate the old-fashion way, pick up the phone or write a good old letter. What’s better than getting an unexpected card in the mail?

How are you connecting with friends right now?

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