Creating an At-Home Workout Space

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Apr 9, 2020 12:00:00 PM


No matter how large or small your workout area is right now there are a few things you can do to create the perfect space for your at home workouts. Focus on your fitness goals and create a space to meet those needs. 

Keep it simple. If it’s a transitory space that has to be set up every time you want to workout, keep things simple. You might even snap a picture of your fitness area so you can easily move things around the next time you want to workout. This may mean temporarily moving furniture or rolling out a fitness mat when it’s time for a sweat session.

Gather your equipment. Pull together your equipment or gather things from around your house. If you plan to practice yoga invest in a great mat and yoga props. Or collect items from around the home that can be used as weights (water bottles, detergent or a backpack). We also love chairs, stairs and counters to give you a different angle when needed for push ups, lunges, squats, etc.

Add in music. Set up a portable speaker or move your Alexa or Google Home to your workout space. This way your workout playlist is ready to go when it’s time to workout!

Set up your technology. If you’re following along to a workout on your phone or computer, like our At-Home Workout Program, you’ll want to have a dedicated station for your phone or computer. Do a test run and make sure your technology is set up in the right location to make it easy to reference when moving through your workout.

Get organized. Organize your home equipment affordably with plastic storage bins or repurpose a bookshelf so your fitness equipment is clutter free during the rest of your day. There are also small, portable fitness equipment solutions like this Resistance Training Kit that can be used for a total body workout anywhere in any space.

What tips and tricks are working for your at-home workouts? Do you have a favorite piece of equipment you’re using right now? 

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