Employee Steps Challenge Recap

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on Sep 5, 2017 12:34:31 PM

Walking with Active Wellness

Last month, we at Active launched an employee walking challenge to encourage our own workforce to make more time for healthy activity each day. The challenge ignited some  friendly competition among our teams based across the country. Each team competed for the most steps and tracked using a variety of compatible devices that automatically updated a real-time leaderboard on our employee wellness portal. 30% of our full-time employees participated averaging a little over 4 miles per day per employee, and collectively, we stepped up to the challenge!

Active in August.jpg

Even as a healthy life company, we could all use the encouragement and motivation to take good care of ourselves, especially when life gets busy. To help encourage our teams to make a  healthy lifestyle a priority, we challenged our team to collectively commit to being more Active in August. One of our team members shared her story with us:

Being at a full time, primarily desk job and a parent makes it harder to build in specific solo exercise. My commitment is 30 minutes pushing my son in the stroller every night and three 10 minute "Heart Walking" bursts during the day at work.

- Ali Clendenin, Tri-City Wellness Center