How Environmental Design Attracts New Members

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Aug 1, 2018 3:42:11 PM

As the competition for fitness memberships increases, the need for exceptional programming and memorable experiences  is critical to the bottom line. Active recently assisted one of our partners with an environmental design refresh that transitioned an older fitness center into a unique and more appealing offering.

Active was engaged by a leading healthcare university based in San Francisco, to lend our environmental design services to refresh their aging fitness center. Their design goals were to to highlight their iconic location with panoramic views of the city and invaluable access to the great outdoors. So we emphasized the spatial experience to help support their unique selling proposition - its location - by bringing the outdoors in.

We achieved this by creating five feature walls throughout the fitness center to enhance their environment. The cityscape feature wall next to the cardio floor windows shows a continuation of the actual view as if the windows carried on to the edge of the facility. A large-scale tree that spans almost two floors welcomes members as they enter the facility. Columns are wrapped with a tree bark pattern to give an illusion of giant redwoods that are native to the area. The theme of redwoods was carried upstairs to the fitness floor. And the scene in the cycle studio helps members visualize their own path to health, as if there were on embarking on an outdoor trail nearby.

Our clients shared, “Our members love the fresh look and new energy that the graphics have brought. The graphics have revitalized our space in a way that traditional wall coverings, like paint, were not able to do.”