FireFlex Yoga Recognized as Key Resource for Benefitting Firefighter Behavioral Health

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Sep 25, 2019 12:32:57 PM


California’s Professional Firefighters Association, the state-wide union, has listed FireFlex Yoga as one of the top three resources benefiting firefighters’ well-being. This wellness program is delivered in fire stations and designed for first responders to mitigate stress and on-the-job injuries. 

Firefighters are experiencing notable benefits from FireFlex Yoga. It’s the only yoga program curated specifically for firefighters that gathers quantitative data before/after a series of classes. The results consistently showcase the program’s impact on the increased wellness for first responders, enhancing both their physical and mental wellness.

On average, participants have achieved an 83% increase in their Functional Movement Screen scores. This before-and-after assessment is a crucial component of FireFlex methodology. It allows the instructor to customize the program toward the needs of the intended firefighters and measure results. The quantitative data is also used to demonstrate a return on investment for the fire chief and risk managers.

FireFlex delivers a customized yoga program with mind-body practices to support firefighters’ physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Here are six strength poses we’ve included in all FireFlex Yoga programs. When we work with your department, we can customize additional strength sequences for your team.

Without proactive interventions, like yoga, first responders are vulnerable to traumatic stress disorders, compassion fatigue, and maladaptive coping strategies. Through FireFlex Yoga, first responders are learning how to strengthen their bodies, breath, and attention to increase resiliency. 

Here’s a link to the CA Firefighters Association resource list and here’s a link to FireFlex Yoga. Please contact our team if you have questions about this program!

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