Five Ways Exercise is Good for Your Brain

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Feb 3, 2020 8:27:20 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.08.15 PMPeople who are physically active are happier and more satisfied with their lives. They have a stronger sense of purpose, feel more gratitude, are more connected to their communities, and are less likely to be lonely or anxious.

Why? A big part has to do with how being active affects the brain. Here are five surprising ways exercise is good for your mind.

* The exercise “high” primes you to connect with others

* Exercise can make your brain more sensitive to joy

* Exercise makes you brave

* Moving with others builds trust and belonging

* Trying a new activity can transform your self-image

Read more about the science of mind-body connection from health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, here.