Save Money & Time with a Full-Service Fitness Design Consultant

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Aug 26, 2019 9:43:03 AM

Fitness Floor_Active Wellness Design

Starting the process of designing a new fitness facility, or remodeling an existing space, is an extensive task that will be expedited and more successful if you choose to partner with a fitness design expert. A consultant’s perspective is particularly valuable for optimizing space planning trends, selecting a strategic line up of equipment, and coordinating all design elements to complement your brand. They say all roads lead to Rome and, in fitness design with Active Wellness, all solutions lead to engagement.

First up, we analyze the target community we’ll be engaging - tenants at a corporate high rise? Patients and physicians at a medical facility? Residents in proximity to a commercial club? Then we craft the space with diverse equipment and clever foot traffic flow and invite you into the process with 3-D fly-thru to experience the concepts firsthand.

From lobby fabrics and lighting to locker room amenities and gym floor soundproofing, your Team Active designer manages every detail from concept to installation. You’ll be able to allocate project dollars wisely as we navigate our strong vendor relationships to compare lease vs purchase options and secure the best pricing. By collaborating with the architect or contractor, we make sure all electrical and data specifications are met to support the equipment, plus follow the ADA requirements for the space.

Our team becomes your team to create a vibrant fitness facility that optimizes every inch and spurs engagement. While design and installation is in process, Active Wellness can also support you with recruiting fitness staff, organizing programs and wellness offerings, integrating the latest tech, and implementing a marketing campaign to announce your grand opening and beyond. We’re here to support you!