Product Spotlight: HydroMassage - Get 6 Months of Massage Services Free

Posted by Deb Heisler on Oct 4, 2017 11:03:09 AM


Updated March 2018

Stress relief and recovery therapies are in high demand, and HydroMassage has been well received by Active’s partners.

Sites are offering HydroMassage as a self-controlled and cost-effective benefit to providing massage services in their fitness centers and in corporate offices. It acts as a complement to an existing massage program that has onsite therapists, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of massage, or it can be a great way to introduce massage services to your community


HydroMassage Lounges can be positioned as an employee or member perk, as part of a premium membership or can be offered for an extra fee. We’re seeing the most success when multiple Lounges are set up as a relaxation zone, to accommodate more people at the same time, limiting wait times.

HydroMassage provides a convenient way to reduce stress and mentally “unplug” for 10-15 minutes, helping enhance mood and productivity, increases circulation and relieves minor aches and pains. It can help active individuals recover and relax after workouts and can be available 24 hours per day. HydroMassage is another resource to support  happier, healthier, more active lives.

HydroMassage is offering Active Wellness partners a no obligation pilot to try HydroMassage Lounges. You’ll receive two loungers for six months to test offering massage services for your employees or members.

Contact Director of Operations Deb Heisler HERE for more information on this exclusive offer.