IHRSA 2022: Top Takeaways from Team Active

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Jul 7, 2022 2:59:40 PM

Team Active Wellness attended the IHRSA 2022 Conference + Tradeshow in Miami Beach, FL this past June. Along with 6000 industry professionals, representing 75 countries, they set out to learn, test out innovative products and equipment, and build stronger partnerships.

Active Wellness team attends IHRSA fitness industry conferenceActive President + CEO Bill McBride presented Strategy & Execution for a Financially-Successful Future and COO Michele Wong participated in a panel sponsored by  EGYM to discuss Should My Gym Go Smart? Connecting the Dots Between Tech Innovation and Business Results. Collectively, we are excited about what’s ahead for the industry and to share our highlights from this year’s conference.

Bill McBride presenting at IHRSA conference

Here are some of Team Active’s top takeaways from the IHRSA 2022 Conference

  • Data and Personalization Continue to Evolve. There’s a continued focus on data collection and the use of data to personalize member experience. More platforms are looking to integrate software and hardware to better serve the needs of the business and keep members within their ecosystem.
  • Healthcare Collaboration is Happening. Operators are looking to collaborate with healthcare to support new users and draw in a new member. This supports Active Wellness’ commercially branded, medically integrated wellness center chain, Active Wellness Center. Active, in partnership with nationally recognized health systems, will grow to better serve today's community health needs by taking a proactive, surround sound approach to optimal well-being
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  • Recovery + Restorative Tools are on the Rise. Compression therapy, vibration, red light, full body and localized cryo treatments are at top of the list. Consumers want tools and products to support recovery and the IHRSA trade show floor showcased many restorative tools we are excited about including Normatec, HydroMassage, Hyperice and Therabody.

wellness and recovery solutions at IHRSA

  • Support Businesses Locally. Supporting larger charity organizations is still a good cause but to gain a larger local response you should get involved in your neighborhoods. Help struggling or new businesses locally by giving them social shout-outs, reshare their content, include them in events or promotions or consider offering them a discount. It’s also good to be in tune with what is happening with your local government to see where you can support projects (ie. Park clean-ups, local events, fundraisers, etc). 

fitness center and gym events

  • Raise Your Membership Rates. Every business you respect and interact with daily has raised rates. Now is the time to reevaluate your membership and service rates to be competitive in the market and to support your bottom line.
  • Wellness is Top of Mind. Being healthy does not just mean being fit. Total well-being centers around our emotional, mental and physical health. How can we support all aspects of optimal health? These are topics that are very relevant and important to fitness center and gym businesses and were highly focused on during the IHRSA conference. 

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  • But Functional Training is Still an Area of Focus and Outdoor. Functional training was highlighted at the conference and showcased some cool new pieces including the Escape Barrow by Escape Fitness (photo below). This was a very cool piece that is a new take on a sled. Basically half sled and half-weighted wheelbarrow. We also saw new solutions for outdoor storage and functional training.
    testing equipment for our fitness center management partners


  • Be Known for Something. Regardless of price, fitness centers and gyms that closed during the pandemic didn't have a differentiator. The clubs that were known for something outside of being 'just a gym' had success. What is your differentiator? 

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As experts in fitness center management and fitness center design, it was an honor connecting with industry colleagues and vendors to help deliver an exceptional member experience to our partner sites. Learn more about our services here or connect with our team at ourteam@activewellness.com