How To: Inspire a Healthier Workforce

Posted by Karah Ehrhardt on May 18, 2022 11:02:11 AM

How do you inspire a healthier workforce? With teams returning to the office and May being Global Employee Health and Fitness month, Active is sharing a few of our best practices and tips to engage and motivate teams to live actively. A healthy workforce generates more engaged teams and fewer sick days. Offering a corporate wellness program is a strong recruiting tool, too. 

  • Provide an opportunity to learn about better health. Think virtual health and fitness resources, bringing in health experts to present, host group fitness classes (you don't need a fitness center to do this!), personal training or on-demand fitness classes.

employee wellness example of virtual fitness

  • Create a flexible and comfortable work environment so employees can take care of their health. Rethink your office space to encourage good health. Consider standing desks, providing medicine balls to replace chairs, create relaxation spaces such as a yoga or quiet room or even providing massage and stretching equipment to your teams. You might also consider hosting stretch breaks!

healthier workforce with stretch breaks

  • Foster a community of health, wellness, and accountability through challenges, events, and more.

virtual fitness challenge, fitness app and athletic shoe

  • Offer perks of working for your organization through partner discounts (nutrition, supplements, recovery tools, fitness wearables) that focus on living actively.

two women with fitness wearables, healthy workforce example

Active engages employees in healthier lifestyle activities both inside and outside the fitness center with participation rates at 50% higher than the industry average. We're also building and renovating tenant fitness centers to cater to today's return to work phase and can help you.

Drop us a note if you'd like to learn more about our employee wellness services, fitness center design and development services, or fitness management services.



AW-Bio-Karah-Ehrhardt-offActive's Director of Wellness, Karah Ehrhardt, has been with the organization since its inception and has been a part of the greater fitness industry for 15 years now. She is passionate about meeting individuals where they are by providing our sites and members with the tools, resources and products that help support their health and wellness journey.