Join the CEO Pledge to Increase Your Organization's Commitment to Activity

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Feb 25, 2019 2:08:57 PM
The IHRSA CEO Pledge is a declaration of organizational commitment to activity that Active’s President & CEO Bill McBride has taken on and is encouraging you to do the same.
Here are a few tips to encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace:
  1. Encourage standing & walking meetings

  2. Make sure all workstations are ergonomically correct - consider standing desks and treadmill desks

  3. Have a healthy menu in your cafeteria or break room

  4. Run activity (walking/steps) challenges

  5. Encourage employees to park further away from the entrance

  6. Encourage employees to use the stairs

  7. Only have healthy snacks in meetings

Tips For CEOs:

  1. Park further away and set the example of getting more steps/activity every day

  2. Take the stairs when meeting/walking with employees and when you are alone

  3. Make time for exercise every day

  4. Meditate or clear your mind for 15 minutes every day

Download the IHRSA CEO Toolkit HERE.

bill-mcbrideThe CEO Pledge is a wonderful declaration for organizations large and small in showing the commitment of senior leadership on the importance of healthy lifestyles and the behaviors that lead to health and well-being. Wellness is much more than lack of disease, good health, fitness levels - it also entails happiness, financial security, fulfillment, and purpose. The CEO Pledge is a simple way to show CEO leadership on the most important aspect of business - People.

Bill McBride
Active Wellness Co-Founder, President & CEO