Kicking the Coffee Habit

Posted by Andy Velez on Apr 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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Could you imagine waking up without a cup of coffee? We all have our rituals centered around the popular caffeine-filled beverage. Whether you’re an all-day or morning only consumer all those cups add up quickly and can have a lasting effect on our bodies and minds. While the caffeine buzz may fizzle out there are many digestive and mental side effects that can be harmful to us. Although there are benefits of coffee and caffeine consumption, as with most things balance is key. Sometimes this means cutting back on the amount of coffee or periodically taking a break completely. 

If you are someone who consumes a large amount of coffee throughout the day, take it step by step, wean down a cup or two a day. This will help decrease the not so fun withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Replace that extra cup with an herbal tea or cup of decaf or try something new, like golden milk. The first few days are always the toughest, from breaking the habit to allowing your body to adjust, there is inevitably a transition period. Here are some helpful tips to decrease or kick that coffee habit. 

  • Slowly lower consumption - one step at a time, cut down cup by cup.
  • Find a substitute - try a new beverage to substitute for your coffee
  • Drink water - drinking more water will help your body detoxify and break the habit.
  • Workout - workouts are an excellent way to increase energy levels and put you in a better mood. 

Now you’re wondering what’s the benefit of this all. For starters, your wallet will thank you. Pocket that extra $5 you were spending on Starbucks and save up for something fun, you’ll be amazed at how quickly saving $5 a day can add up! Secondly and more importantly you’ll improve your overall health and wellbeing, most noticeably with sleep. You may find that you’ll enjoy a more restful sleep and also wake up less often in the middle of the night. If you’ve been consuming coffee as a mood booster, you’ll soon find that kicking the coffee habit will help calm your mind and anxiety. If you’re an anxious person or under stress, coffee and caffeine can heighten these feelings which can cause detrimental effects to our mind and body. Remember, everything in moderation, find the balance of coffee and caffeine intake that works best for you. 



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Written by Andy Velez | Marketing Manager | Active Wellness