Inside Evolving Management Software Trends

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Jul 22, 2019 12:01:16 PM


Data drives decision-making. When you’re buying new equipment, you review usage statistics to better account for wear and tear. When you’re planning class schedules, you check participant data to help popular classes translate to higher membership sales. Understanding the numbers you’re looking at is just as important as having that data in the first place.

“Information is not the same as data. The goal is to get beyond the noise and be able to make intelligent, actionable decisions that enhance the business. Look for patterns that indicate causal behaviors in comparison to just patterns that show correlation,” said Bill McBride, the president and CEO of Active Wellness.

“The primary goal of club management software is to make sure you have a reliable database of all member activity, and that you have reliable billing and revenue flow,” advised McBride. “Additionally, clubs should be using member data to better serve the consumer and monetize products, programs and services.” 

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