Medical Fitness Association & Healthcare Design Expo: Active Recaps

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Nov 25, 2019 11:01:38 AM


Team Active's Mark Siebert attended back-to-back expos this month and enjoyed meeting fantastic people at the Healthcare Design Expo in New Orleans and Medical Fitness Association's Conference in Orlando.

Mark's highlights: At the HD Expo, it was inspiring to see an expanding trend in healthcare environmental design to better support a family friendly environment and to enhance overall patient experience. Also, there were interesting designs for ergonomic, functional workstations to support employee wellbeing. At the MFA Conference, it was wonderful to be around like-minded professionals who are striving to enhance medical-fitness integration between healthcare providers and fitness professionals. Our shared goal is developing results-based, healthier outcomes for patients and caregivers. 

As our team expands its efforts in medical-fitness-tech integration, we're looking forward to connecting with healthcare executives and medical-design architects to create inspired fitness centers that seamlessly support robust physician-patient relationships and enhanced health. Contact Team Active to discuss!