Health Club Data Takes Center Stage at the Motionsoft Technology Summit

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Sep 27, 2017 2:41:08 PM



Updated March 2018

The theme of this month's Motionsoft Technology Summit was 'Data'.  Active Wellness' President & CEO, Bill McBride and VP of Technology, Mike Rucker both shared their thoughts on the importance of data and its effect on the health club operations and technology. Here is an excerpt:

As outside industries get involved in the fitness space, the need for vendors and club operators working together on standards is even more important, according to Mike Rucker, vice president of technology at Active Wellness

"If we don't do something, standards will be forced upon us in the next 18-24 months," Rucker said.

Bill McBride, CEO of Active Wellness, shared that Active Wellness picks vendors partly based on how open that vendor's system is to other systems.

"Until the industry opens up and makes it easy for technology to play with each other… we are limiting all of us," McBride said.


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