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Posted by Active Wellness Team on Sep 17, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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Though it is tempting to focus solely on the personal training services, as it previously was the largest source of revenue aside from member dues, it is equally important to emphasize the other services and programs that your fitness center can provide in a virtual setting.  
Tap into your team's resources and knowledge to expand your virtual programming options and consider including exercise programming guides, small group training, specialty classes, online challenges, educational webinars, health coaching, or any other program you offered before that could be delivered virtually.

This week we will review two areas to add value to your members and provide another revenue stream to your business: exercise programming and small group training and/or specialty series.
Exercise Programming Guides:
For many clients that are exercising at home and prefer to use their workout time to disconnect from the screen or cannot commit to a time due to other constraints, offering strictly an exercise program can be a benefit. One option is to provide them with structured workout(s) to complete on their own and can easily carry this service over to the facility when we return. 
When creating an exercise program, consider the following to be included:
  • 30 minutes consultation to understand client goals and equipment and space available 
  • Shared drive access for all files to be stored and maintained; consider using PTontheNet or IDEA Club Connect as a resource and create a PDF of the workout 
  • Workouts should include: exercise, sets, reps, recommended weight, stretches and rest time 
  • Include any images and/or video links to necessary exercise demonstrations
Schedule a check-in based on how frequent the program changes, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc. as this allows the client to have a face to the trainer name, creates a sense of accountability when the client is asked about the exercise program and allows the client ask any questions that may need to be answered regarding the exercises.
Small Group Training / Specialty Series
One of the best parts of coming to the gym is the sense of community. A great way to continue to build a community virtually is by offering small group training and/or specialized classes for those communities within your club to help keep them connected and engaged.
Heart Rate Training:
Active uses MyZone technology to support our Small Group Training program called The ZONE. The ZONE is a heart-rated based session and the workouts are programmed and designed to either meet a ZONE match goal or MEP (MyZone effort points) goal. In the club,  this group of members was its own community, sharing workouts and photos, competing for the best match score, highest monthly MEPs, etc. so we wanted to make sure we continued to support this group virtually as well. 
With the HR monitor and the MyZone app, we have been able to continue to offer SGT to these members. They get immediate feedback from their belt to their app, the coach/trainer can program the workout and communicate with the members on which HR zone and/or intensity level that they should be working in. Post session, the coach/trainer can check in on those members via the app to provide feedback and praise their efforts. 
Specialty Series:
Within the scope of group exercise, there are many specialized options that you can offer for a fee-based service. By offering specialty series, you can provide those communities with the instructor and peer support they might be missing by exercising alone at home. 
  • Pilates/Barre
  • Yoga Sculpt
  • Running Club
  • Boxing
We structure small group training and specialty classes as a 4-week series and/or offer an additional drop-in rate. These are smaller and more intimate classes that provide a specialized program to the individual member but at a less expensive price than personal training and/or small group training. 
Community, engagement and connection to the club, whether in-person or virtually, is so important during this time and creating opportunities for those members in smaller groups is a great way to ensure you are meeting your member and client needs. Additionally, they provide opportunities for other ways to generate revenue outside of personal training. 
Next week, we will review and discuss alternative virtual programming and services outside of personal training and group exercise to help enhance your community, engagement and outreach. 
Contact us today to learn how Active can help you launch your virtual training programs. 


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Kiley Mutschler | Senior General Manager 

Kiley supports teams across the US and Canada. She is staying connected to her teams via Google Meet and onsite where accounts have been able to reopen. Kiley has enjoyed spending more time outdoors and is continually working towards new personal fitness goals during this time! 


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Nathan Capuchino |  Senior General Manager 

Nathan is located in the bay area and oversees sites from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. Utilizing Google Meet, Nathan maintains contact with his teams and clients alike. During the extra time spent at home, he has been enjoying working on house projects and improving his home.