Medical Wellness Rebranding & Marketing Boosts Sales by 117%

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Feb 4, 2020 8:02:00 AM

Napa Synergy Health Club

When Providence partnered with Active Wellness to manage and market its medical fitness centers, the hospital hoped to expand community engagement, increase revenue, and improve the quality of its wellness offering. In just a few short years, Active has successfully over delivered: Team Active rebranded the Napa and Petaluma club locations, launched several medically-integrated programs, implemented efficient technologies, and increased sales and member engagement.

On the heels of the rebranded name, from Synergy Medical Fitness Center to Synergy Health Club, Active launched a new website for the club and in just one month, web leads increased by 350%. And one month after that, Active implemented a custom Black Friday sales event and achieved a 117% sales increase.

Since partnering with Providence, Active manages all Synergy Health Club Napa operations and employee onboarding, lead and member management tools, GymSales and MINDBODY, manages accounting and IT efforts, plus employee and member relations. Active’s marketing team produces ongoing creative email campaigns correlated to members’ club activity and usage, thanks to integration with the MINDBODY app. The results speak for themselves: more engaged members, a higher-performing staff, and increased revenue for the organization.

While dramatically increased sales results are worth celebrating, the Active effect also percolates down to individual reviews. A long-term member at the Napa club posted on Yelp, “With the new management and trainers on staff, there is a much better vibe inside and the front desk is now very friendly on a consistent basis and quite helpful.”

Active offers services for medical fitness facilities ranging from design, procurement, and operations to management, staffing, technology and marketing. Clients can utilize just one service or sign on for all of the above depending on project scope.

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