Active Recovery Boosts Revenue, Engagement, Wellness

Posted by Active Wellness Team on Jul 22, 2019 12:03:17 PM


A fast-growing trend we’re happy to support is the compounding popularity around RECOVERY. While this term used to simply imply time off from exercising, it’s now synonymous with both passive and active offerings at fitness facilities; several studies have shown the wonderful impact intentional recovery has on the body and overall wellness.

From yoga classes and massage treatments to infrared saunas and stretch therapy, there is a growing list of options to offer at medical, corporate, and community fitness centers. Whether an added value for members, or a new revenue generator for clubs, integrating recovery options increases engagement, which is always what Active Wellness strives for.

While some facilities hire massage therapists, others invest in products like HydroMassage, Hyperice, or deprivation therapy. In addition to minimizing staffing needs, these products are able to work around the clock without overtime and can be more approachable for members to add in to their schedule. 

Another way to utilize personal training staff is to also offer their services for stretch therapy - a hands-on 1:1 expert guide for stretching and boosting circulation between workouts. This may be a great way to connect with members who aren’t interested in a yoga class, but could benefit from stretch coaching. 

Active Wellness creates programming and the marketing to support implementation for fitness centers across North America. To discuss how your facility could boost your recovery options, please contact our team today.