Newly Renovated Senior Living Fitness Center

Posted by Elizabeth Studebaker on Jun 25, 2018 11:33:47 AM

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Earlier this year Active Wellness worked with Rossmoor Senior Living in Walnut Creek, CA to renovate their fitness center, Tice Creek Fitness Center, a fitness amenity exclusively for the residents of Rossmoor and their guests.

Our Procurement & Design team consulted, purchased and supported the equipment installation for the seventeen manufacturers that Rossmoor selected. We put together detailed renderings of each space to help see the vision in place. From there we assisted with the purchasing of the equipment and oversaw the equipment installation. Our Marketing team also developed and launched a new website for members and guests. Our Operations and HR teams helped hire a General Manager and we’ve also hosted employee trainings for the Tice Creek Fitness Center team to get on-boarded before they reopened their doors.

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